For the Nekronopilis in the Fractured Mirror Zone, see Nekronopolis (alternate reality).

Nekronopolis at a distance.

Nekronopolis was the dark and corrupted version of the city of Echidnaopolis. An evil and nightmarish reflection of the achievements of echidna society, it was meant to serve as the capital of the new order of world conquest brought about by Enerjak. However, due to the arrogance of his powers and lack of foresight, the city was never permanently established thanks to the Fire Ants. The city was then recreated from the former site of Echidnapolis nearly four centuries later when Dimitri re-emerged, however it again ceased to exist when Enerjak was defeated by the combined efforts of the Fire Ants and Locke.


Hostile Takeover


Creating the first Nekronopolis.

The founding of Nekronopolis began over four centuries ago. Shortly after Dimitri became infused with the power of eleven Chaos Emeralds that overloaded his Chaos Syphon, he went insane and looked upon himself as a god who should rule all of Mobius. With a minor exertion of his powers, he erected himself a tower right out of the earth as the beginnings of his new empire. He also over-rode the command protocols of Echidnaopolis' Mechanaut force without any effort and quickly had the entire city and it's populace under his control. From there on, Dimitri renamed it Nekronopolis and planned to turn Angel Island into a floating battle fortress which he would to use traverse the globe and exert his will upon all the civilizations living on the surface below. His plans were cut short though, when Fire Ants ate through the foundation of his tower, causing it to collapse and bury Dimitri alive in what became Mount Fate. (StH: #35, #36)

Starting Over from Scratch


Dimitri rebuilding his city from dust.

Four-hundred years later, Dimitri (taking on the persona of Enerjak) resurrected himself from beneath the mountain only to encounter his brother Edmund's descendant, Knuckles the Echidna, and the fire ant Archimedes inside the Grand Conservatory. Having then sent the two of them to die in the desert of Sandopolis and enslaving the Chaotix, Enerjak traveled to what was the former site of Echidnaopolis and completely built a new city in his image from the ground-on-up. Knuckles and Archimedes survived their trek through the desert and managed to infiltrate the city, but not without alerting every Mechanaut soldier to their presence. After being chased into the Citadel of Darkness, they engaged the Chaotix and Enerjak in mortal combat. All the while, fire ants from Archimedes' colony and Locke (in Haven) independently went to work, sabotaging Enerjak's citadel. By unwittingly helping each other, the two parties created an escape route for Knuckles and Archimedes and managed to temporarily be rid of Enerjak by blasting him into space, just outside of Mobius' atmosphere. Without Dimitri to maintain it, the entire city just vanished into thin air like a bad dream and the Chaotix were freed. (KMS: #1, #2, #3)

Areas of Interest Within the City


A bird's-eye view of Nekronopolis.

  • Citadel of Darkness (formerly the Hall of Learning)
  • "Eye-In-The-Sky" Observatory
  • Mechanaut Factories
  • Perimeter Defense Stations
  • Power Generators and Turbines
  • Slave Barracks
  • The Pit

Background Information

  • The word "Nekro" is obviously a misspelled variation of the word "necro", meaning dead, making Nekronopolis an apt name for Enerjak's city.
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