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Current Continuity

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The Mystic Ruins are the ancient remains of what was originally the homeland of the Knuckles Clan. The ruins consist of a large jungle in which a temple rests.


Ancient Times

Earlier Visits

Sonic and his allies visited the Mystic Ruins numerous times during their respective adventures involving Chaos and the Egg Carrier. At one point, Sonic was guided into the ancient temple by the spirit of Tikal so that she could show him the mural depicting Perfect Chaos. Dr. Eggman also had a base near the jungle, where the Egg Carrier would be docked when not airborn. When Angel Island fell from the sky after the Master Emerald was shattered, it landed back into where it originally laid thousands of years prior as a part of the ruins landmass. (VG: SA/SADX)

In the reset version of reality brought about by the second Genesis Wave, Sonic and Tails had arranged to go exploring in the Mystic Ruins, before the fox was ambushed and captured at his home by Metal Sonic and Bass. (MM: #24, SU: #51)

Scenery of Destruction

Sonic and Tails blazing through the rainforest

Sonic and Tails returned to the Mystic Ruins to search for Rotor, after the duo had recently been effected by the Super Genesis Wave. The duo ran into Big the Cat, who Sonic was confused to see there, considering the giant cat was residing in New Mobotropolis as a member of Team Freedom when they last met, something which Big had no memory of. Regardless, Big happily guided Sonic and Tails to the Sky Patrol, where Rotor was at work, before the heroes where attacked by a group of Spinners under the command of Silver Sonic. Rotor showed up to aide his friends in beating back the badniks, where he blasted Silver Sonic with a cannon. After catching up aboard the Sky Patrol, Rotor was given back his memories of the previous timeline upon touching Nicole. The large walrus was noticeably disorientated by what he's just experienced, but he carried on nevertheless, providing Sonic and Tails with information on the locations of the respective Freedom Fighters. (StH: #252, #253)

As Sonic and Tails tracked down each of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, they each went to the Mystic Ruins to board the Sky Patrol. After finding her undercover in the Metropolis Zone, Sonic and Tails accompanied Bunnie to the airship, where she was reunited with her husband Antoine who'd recently arrived himself. Bunnie received her old memories from the original timeline and, shaken up, found comfort in her husband. The whole group had finally been gathered in the Mystic Ruins after the recovery of Sally, Amy, Cream and Cheese. Sally and Amy where the last to have their memories returned, leaving Sally distraught over her memories of being Mecha Sally. Once in perfect working order from the memory restoration, Nicole was able to determine that the Super Genesis Wave had caused the multiverse to collapse in on itself and reboot, leaving the remaining energy from the wave piled on the Prime Zone: as a result, the whole planet broke apart. Where Freedom Fighters watched from the Sky Patrol above as the whole Mystic Ruins was split by a crack in the earth. (StH: #255, #256)


Background Information

  • The Mystic Ruins is a location introduced in the SEGA Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure.
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