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Amy performs the Mystic Melody.

The Mystic Melody is a magical ritual connected to the positive mystical forces of Sonic's World.


Amy Senses Emerald

Amy senses a Chaos Emerald using the Melody.

The Mystic Melody was included in the rites of the Eusebes Shrine after being taught to the people of Meropis by Aquarius. It played an instrumental part in maintaining the mystical shield that protects the city. Regrettably, Priestess Coral the Betta found it impossible to perform due to stresses put upon her by the people of the city in the midst of the Shattered World Crisis. Fortunately, Coral was able to perform the Mystic Melody and raise the shield anew to repel Dark Gaia Creatures with the help of Aquarius, Pearly, and Tikal. Afterwards, she taught Amy Rose how to perform it, with the Hedgehog learning it in record time. The use of the Melody would make it easier for the Freedom Fighters to locate the missing Gaia Temples and Chaos Emeralds, and was used by Amy to locate an Emerald in Soumerca. (StH: #260, #261, #262, #263, #264)

Amy would later employ the Melody in an effort to help locate the missing Master Emerald shards more quickly than Knuckles the Echidna's mystical senses could. (StH: #272)

Known Users

Amy Mystic Melody

Background Information

  • The Mystic Melody is an upgrade featured in Sonic Adventure 2 that allowed the players to open new paths near Ancient Ruins.
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