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Councilor Mykol in 3236

Mykol was a purple Echidna and a member of Albion's Executive Council in 3236. When councilor Rita-Le pointed out her worry over outsiders "trodding upon our land", referring to Amy Rose, Bunnie Rabbot, Antoine D'Coolette and Rob O' the Hedge, Mykol pointed out that their "recent guest" who was also an outsider had been in their city, though Rita-Le retorted that the captured High Sheriff wasn't exactly "trodding upon" Albion. Later, after Gala-Na hired Nic and Nack the Weasel to track down and capture Chaos Knuckles, Mykol asked Gala-Na if she thought the two bounty hunters would be up to the task. (StH: #89, #91)

The following year, Mykol and the rest of the citizens of Albion were captured and killed by the Eggman Empire after Dr. Finitevus sabotaged the city's defenses and lured the empire's forces there. (StH: #182)

Mykol's fate was unknown for a time. Writer Ian Flynn stated the intention was that all of the captured citizens of Albion were sent to the Egg Grape Chambers where they perished, which was confirmed with the release of the Encyclopedia.