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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Munch the Rat
Munch the Rat
Biographical information


Physical description
  • Green tunic
  • Green hat
  • Brown boots
  • Metal cuffs
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic combat
  • Swordsmanship
  • Strong bite

Munch the Rat, the son of a miller, is a member of the Mercian Freedom Fighters based out of Hideaway in Deerwood Forest.


Chaotix Comrade[]

Munch and his fellow Freedom Fighters had two encounters with members of the Chaotix some time after their original leader, Rob o' the Hedge, went into hiding. The first time, they met Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel shortly after the pair arrived in Mercia looking for Mighty's lost sister. After providing the pair with what information they could, Munch and his comrades prepared to join them in invading Snottingham Castle, headquarters of the Mercia Dark Egg Legion. However, a surprise attack on Deerwood Forest changed their plans, and after helping the Freedom Fighters rebuff the assault, the pair went off to invade the castle alone.

Some time later, Munch and his team came to the aid of several of Mighty and Ray's friends from the Chaotix when they were attacked by the Legion and several G.O.O.N.s. He quickly befriended Vector the Crocodile, the pair using their powerful jaws to disable the giant robots. The battle done, the groups exchanged introductions, and Munch's team escorted the Chaotix trio back to Hideaway and informed them of what had become of their two friends. Espio quickly deduced that information regarding the whereabouts of Mighty's sister would be in the castle, and Munch complimented his reasoning. Alan Quail guessed that Espio had developed his talents while working with individuals of Munch's low mental caliber, irritating his teammate. The two groups resolved to work together to infiltrate the castle, and Munch and Vector teamed up once again to remove bars blocking a secret tunnel into the fortress. (SU: #46)

Unfortunately, the infiltration of the two groups was known to Mordred Hood, the Legion's Grandmaster, who activated spring-loaded doors to cut his enemies off. Demonstrating their experience as combatants, the two groups quickly adapted, with Munch and his comrades taking a Warp Ring to the dungeons. After freeing the prisoners, they were forced to contend with Lord Hood and his Legionnaires. Alan burst into song, annoying Munch who requested that he treat the situation with some seriousness. Alan responded-in song-that was trying to lighten things up, and promptly dispatched several enemies with his mandolin before playing on it again, to Munch's annoyance. Lord Hood then subjected them all to his hypnotic abilities, but they were rescued by Vector and Charmy. The Chaotix and Freedom Fighters then led the prisoners to safety, using the Warp Ring to escape from between the Legionnaires and their G.O.O.N. forces. They then celebrated their victory back in Hideaway before seeing the Chaotix off the following day. (SU: #47)


Munch is aggressive and enjoys a good fight, and speaks with a rougher dialect than his fellow Mercians. A bit rough around the edges, it's implied he's not all that quick-witted, but he's earnest. He often clashes with teammate Alan Quail, who mocks his somewhat uncultured nature, and is quick to respond to Alan's antics with anger. This is likely due to Munch having a more serious outlook, whereas Alan tends to be more upbeat and usually tries to provide levity in tense situations.


Munch is a powerful fighter, his favorite weapons being his sword and his super-strong teeth, either of which can cut through metal. While it is unknown if he possesses more than ordinary Mobian strength, he is certainly the burliest of the Mercian Freedom Fighters.


Munch is a short, broad-shouldered brown rat with brown eyes. His muzzle and tail are peach. He wears a green tunic, a green cap, leggings, brown boots and heavy studded metal cuffs.

Background Information[]

  • Munch's name and background of being a "miller's son" are obvious references to Much, one of Robin Hood's Merry Men.