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Mount Fate

Mount Fate in haunting moonlight

Mount Fate is a small mountainside located on Angel Island with a skull-shaped edifice. It existed on the island for a few centuries, originally created by a Chaos-empowered Dimitri as his Dark Tower. Mt. Fate served as a reminder to echidna society of the folly in reliance on technology that almost lead to their downfall. Unbeknownst to many, it also served as a prison for Dimitri until centuries later when he managed to break free.


From Rise to Ruins[]

Mount Fate actually started out as a much taller structure than what was known in modern times. After gaining his powers from eleven Chaos Emeralds, Dimitri set into motion a plan to start a world-wide empire with him ruling it as a god. His first act was to erect a Dark Tower of ghoulish and macabre design from which to observe his dominion from right out of the earth. The building and Dimitri's control of his powers proved to be imperfect however, when Fire Ants ate out the foundation and caused it to collapse. The rubble was believed to have killed Dimitri and took on the shape of the mountain seen during Knuckles' tenure as Guardian. (StH: #36)

Dimitri's Prison[]

In the months following Dimitri's "death," his son Menniker would come out to the site to pay his father respect and mull over the events that lead up to it. On one night, flashes of emerald-colored light shot up from the rocks in front of Menniker, proving that Dimitri was in fact alive. Believing he was getting telepathic messages from his father to carry on his work, Menniker secretly founded the Dark Legion with the goal of opposing Echidnaopolis' renouncement of excess technology. Thus he officially started the civil war that shed much blood on both sides of Knuckles' family and continued with almost no change in the status quo for four-hundred years. (KtE: #3)


Enerjak awakens after breaking through Mt. Fate

From Ruins to Rubble[]

All the while Dimitri lay in darkness beneath Mount Fate, growing more powerful and more insane with each passing year, taking on the name of the ancient evil, Enerjak. In year 3235, he believed his power had finally peaked, and quite literally raised himself from the grave. In doing so Mount Fate erupted and was reduced to nothing but a large hole in the ground as Enerjak was once again free to wreak havoc on Mobius and all those who would oppose him. (KMS: #1)