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Mordred Hood
Mordred Hood
Biographical information


  • Egg Boss of the Eurish Egg Army
Physical description
  • Black Armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Vertigo inducement

Mordred Hood, also known as Lord Hood to his underlings and fellow Egg Bosses, is a Mobian cobra and Egg Boss of the Eurish Egg Army.


Early Life[]

Mordred was born to a family of noble birth in Eurish during a period of political discord. Afraid of siding with the Kingdom of Acorn, Mordred surrendered his homeland to the Eggman Empire in exchange for the throne of Avalon. (SU: #84)

Shattered World[]

Eggman surprises Hood

Hood gets an unexpected visit from Eggman.

Continually pestered by Bow Sparrow's Freedom Fighters, Mordred's forces were caught off guard when a G.U.N. carrier sailed into the nearby bay and began laying siege to their installation. A further surprise came when Dr. Eggman arrived in a damaged Egg Mobile, demanding to know what had happened. Hood apologize for the current situation, though he did mention calling for Badnik support some time previously. When Eggman demanded to be supplied with a new aircraft, Hood informed him that they didn't have any to provide, and that any craft would undoubtedly be shot down. However, Eggman refitted his Egg Mobile into an attack walker, and departed Mordred's base to continue his quest back to the Death Egg. (StH: #253, #254)

Mordred was later summoned by Eggman to join the other Egg Bosses in challenging Walter and Wendy Naugus' occupation of Eggmanland. He was later paired with Conquering Storm to get rid of the whitchcarters. Wanting to stay hidden and attack when the other teams finish up he was cut of by conquering storm who wanted to strike immediately. (SU: #83, #84)


Mordred appears to be a nervous individual. Rather than charging headlong into battle, he would rather play it safe than sorry. He is also quite anxious and is prone to coming up with excuses to defend himself rather than admitting his faults.



Mordred Hood uses his vertigo-inducers against the Witchcarters.

Lord Hood's cybernetics equip him with a pair of legs, enabling him to move in ways that he would be unable to as an ordinary snake. Despite his cybernetic enhancements, Hood has little confidence in his abilities as a fighter, preferring to stay in a leader role. His circles on his head also induce vertigo as stated by Hood in the Eggman's Dozen arc. It is unknown if he possesses the ability to inoculate venom.


Lord Hood is a green Mobian snake with yellow markings on his head. He wears a black cybernetic-enhanced suit that's outfitted with a mechanical torso and legs and sporting two orange triangle-shaped metal buttons on both sides of his torso colored yellow on the outside with white stripes circling around the back. His snake body is threaded through the robotic outfit with his tail sticking out of the bottom of the suit.

Background Information[]

  • Mordred Hood's name is presumed to come from the legend of King Arthur, specifically the son of Arthur who became his nemesis. The name of his post-Super Genesis Wave territory, "Avalon", is also taken from King Arthur.
  • Hood holds the honor of being the first character created by Ian Flynn in the original continuity to make his debut in the new one.
  • According to Aleah Baker, Hood is 25 years old. [1]