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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Biographical information
Physical description
  • White loincloth
  • White boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Strength
  • Agility

Monk was a Mobian gorilla who lived on the Floating Island who took great pleasure in tormenting Knuckles the Echidna when he was younger. Because of this, the Brotherhood of Guardians took desperate measures and threw the gorilla off the Floating Island. When he returned, Knuckles had grown stronger and more fierce and was not as prone to being bullied. Both he and Knuckles were then made part of a game hunt by an Overlander named Hunter and they were forced to work together before Monk was electrocuted and fell off a catwalk in Hydro City, this time to a certain death.


Bullying Knuckles[]

During the early years of his Guardianship, Knuckles would continuously square off and lose against Monk, who took great pleasure in tormenting the younger Mobian. Unwilling to stand by and watch, disguised members of the Brotherhood of Guardians incapacitated Monk with their powers, tied him up and threw Monk off the island. Several years later, as the island was passing a mountain, he managed to climb back on, wishing to return to the way things had been before, looking to beat up Knuckles for old times sake. However, years of training and growing had changed Knuckles, and he was no longer so easily put to use as a punching bag. Despite this Monk refused to give in, and they fought each other evenly for awhile. (KtE: #30)

Enter: The Hunter[]

However, Monk and Knuckles were forced to put aside their differences when a homocidal overlander made them the quarry in his Floating Island hunt. Knocking out the gorilla and bringing them both back to his ship where he would outfit them with linked shock collars that would activate when too far from the other. Wishing a more interesting hunt he gave them a head start before going after them, after realizing the effects of the collars the two of them decided to work together to evade Hunter. Making it through the forest and down to the underground Hydro City, where they decided to set a trap and fight. Before they could set something up Hunter opened fire and separated them, focusing fire on the echidna Hunter was stunned to discover that he missed and Monk jumped him despite the pain caused by the collar. Forcing the overlander down and moving in for a kill the gorilla had every intention of going through with it. (KtE: #31, #32)

Death & Aftermath[]

Monk was unable to finish him off as Hunter electrocuted Monk while they were tangling, causing the gorilla to topple and fall. This time, however, the gorilla perished, either from the fall or the shock, perhaps both. The victory was short-lived for Hunter as Knuckles, in a fit of fury, unleashed a torrent of Chaos, shattering his collar and critically injuring the overlander to the point of unconsciousness. He had Hunter confined to a holding bubble in the depths of Haven for his heinous crimes against Mobiankind. (KtE: #32)


Agile and strong even by gorilla standards, Monk was the young Guardian-in-training's physical superior for most of Knuckles's childhood. Years later he was as strong as ever and while no longer Knuckles's superior, they seemed to be equal in terms of physical prowess.


Boastful and easy-going, Monk had no overriding ambitions in life, perfectly happy with lounging around in a tree and the occasional bullying of youngsters. He took great pride in his physical prowess and found it hard to accept it when faced with opponents of equal strength.

Background Information[]

  • Monk seems to be inspired by King Kong, as both are large primates with an affinity for falling from great heights. If this is true, it makes him one of two characters-the other being the blatantly obvious parody King Gong-to have been based on King Kong.
  • Monk is the only named Mobian Gorilla with no known ties to the main gathering of the species in the Mobian Jungle.
  • Monk is one of four characters to have sweared, the others being Sonic the HedgehogNack the Weasel and Scourge the Hedgehog.
  • Monk's name is most likely a pun on the the order of primate Monkey.


Monk was an imposing, purple furred gorilla in a white loincloth and boots, taller than Knuckles and even Hunter with brawny limbs clearly displaying great innate strength.