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Scourge, Moebius' version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Moebius (also known as Anti Mobius or Mobius #372) is a alternate-universe version of Mobius, residing in the Anti-Verse zone and home of the Suppression Squad. Typically, people from the Anti Mobius universe have opposite personality traits of their Mobius Prime counterparts.



Moebius developed as a world to become the opposite of Mobius in many ways. While Mobius was home to Chaos Emeralds, Moebius is a rich source of Anarchy Beryl. Power Rings on Moebius came about in far fewer numbers than on Mobius, and often carried dangerous side effects for their users. As it approached its current condition, the world became home to many self-serving cowards and a bare handful of heroic protectors. While Mobius has the flying Angel Island, Moebius' Demon Island ended up hidden beneath the surface of the ocean. (StH: #44, CSE)

The Great Peace and Decline

Roughly around the same time as the conflict in Mobius Prime's history known as the Great War, Anti Mobius experienced a time of peace and prosperity known as the "Great Peace". Scourge's father Anti-Jules was a key member in bringing about the Great Peace. Scourge described it as an event that "brought everyone together in one big group hug." After ten years however, things on Moebius "stagnated" and the Great Peace broke down (this is around the same time as Dr. Ivo Robotnik's coup d'état in Mobius Prime). Thus an era of war and violence erupted. (StH: #192)

Sonic and Sally's Takeover

Similar to the events that happened on Mobius Prime, King Max was banished to the Void during a coup. However, on Anti-Mobius it was Scourge the Hedgehog (who was known as "Evil Sonic" at the time) and Anti-Sally who disposed of the king and took power over Mobotropolis. (SSS: #10)

Interactions with Mobius Prime

Anti-Mobius' first interaction with Mobius Prime came when Sonic the Hedgehog crossed over into Anti-Mobius' dimension via the Cosmic Interstate. There he encountered his Anti-Mobius self who decided to beat him up. With the help of the kindly veterinarian Dr. Kintobor , Sonic managed to subdue his evil counterpart and return to his native reality. (StH: #11)

Some time later, Evil Sonic brought the Anti-Freedom Fighters to Mobius Prime where they impersonated their prime-zone counterparts and terrorized the local Mobians. Eventually however the Freedom Fighters returned and sent the Anti-versions of themselves back to Anti-Mobius. Dr. Robotnik subsequently invaded Moebius in secret, intending to use its resources for his own purposes. He ended up tricking Evil Sonic and Anti-Knuckles into invading Mobius Prime, but the plan backfired when the Freedom Fighters and Knuckles Prime arrived and assisted Anti-Knuckles in defeating him, sending him back to his home dimension. (StH: #24, #44)

Conquered by Scourge

Following a considerable amount of time spent on Mobius Prime and his transformation into Scourge the Hedgehog, Sonic's evil counterpart eventually made his way back to Moebius using a Warp Ring taken from Dr. Finitevus and charged with energy from the Master Emerald. Having been inspired by a number of confrontations with Sonic, Scourge decided to explore his full potential. After returning to Anti Mobius with Fiona Fox, Scourge proceeded to conquer all of Moebius within a matter of days, crown himself "king" and reform the Anti Freedom Fighters into the Suppression Squad. (StH: #160, #161, #183, #190)

Invasion of Mobius

Following his takeover of Moebius, King Scourge then led the Suppression Squad an invasion of Mobius Prime, determined to claim that world as well. The group soon captured Freedom HQ, forcing the Freedom Fighters to flee, but not long afterwards they were attacked by Metal Sonic, Sonic Prime, and Metal Scourge. Realizing the battle with their "metal" counterparts was a stale mate, Scourge eventually broke down and called in assistance from the Suppression Squad, resulting in the destruction of Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge. (StH: #189, #190, #191, #192)

After the robots' destructions, Sally assigned Amy Rose and Sonic to venture to Moebius in an attempt to find assistance in returning Scourge and the Suppression Squad home. The pair visited Dr. Kintobor and his new ally Buns Rabbot, who due to developing NIDS was forced to rely on the doctor's Omega Care Unit in order to remain healthy. Despite Kintobor's misgivings, Buns escorted the two Mobians to Moebius' Castle Acorn where they met Rosy the Rascal. Their pitched battle with her was further complicated as Scourge was forced back onto Moebius by the treacherous Suppression Squad as well as the arrivals of Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic v3.0, Silver the Hedgehog, and Rob o' the Hedge. After a several stage battle involving the eight combatants, the Suppression Squad, and the Freedom Fighters, the transformed Super Scourge was defeated. (StH: #193, #194, #195, #196)

No Zone Arrests

Scourge was subsequently taken to the No Zone by Sonic, though it was only with the help of the Zone Cops that the green Hedgehog was finally incarcerated. The deposed king wound up in Zone Jail, and discovered much to his dismay that he wasn't the only inmate from Moebius. Maxx Acorn had been imprisoned there after his Nightmare Army became a threat to the various other versions of Mobius, and had been joined by Scourge's old rival Jeffrey St. Croix. Dr. Finitevus provided the Destructix, led by the still loyal Fiona, a means to get onto the Cosmic Interstate in order to liberate Scourge, on the condition that they perform a task for him on Moebius. Scourge and his new gang broke out of prison and made their way to Scourge's home dimension, disregarding their deal with Finitevus in response to Scourge's new plans. (StH: #197; SU: #29, #30, #31, #32)

Known Inhabitants


Background Information

  • With the exception of Scourge and Patch, most of the members (both current and former) of the Suppression Squad derived their new names from some name held by their Prime counterparts: Sally Prime's middle name is Alicia, Tails Prime's real name is Miles but he goes by his nickname, Boomer and Buns were nicknames for Rotor and Bunnie, and Rosy the Rascal was a nickname for the video game version of Amy Rose in the game Sonic the Fighters. Additionally, O'Nux's name is derived from Knuckles' nickname of Knux, with the "O'" undoubtedly added to make it sound Irish, while Dr. Kintobor retains the original surname shared by his Prime-verse counterpart.
  • Other Moebian names have different origins than that of being alternate names for their Prime counterparts. Scourge chose his name to distinguish himself from Sonic, Patch's name comes from his wearing an eye patch-originally for style, later for practical purpose-and Jeffrey and Maxx's names are homophones of the names of their counterparts.
  • The name Moebius may be based off of Möbius syndrome, which is also spelled Moebius, an extremely rare congenital neurological disorder which is characterized by facial paralysis and the inability to move the eyes from side to side. The term Moebius also refers to a fictional loop in time that creates inescapable repeating events.
  • According to the Official Blog, Anti-Fiona, Anti-Espio and Anti-Shadow exist, although they have yet to appear in the comics. The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia also introduced the concept of the Orderix, the Moebius version of the Chaotix. Jeffrey St. Croix was the first native of Moebius to be based on a comics exclusive character rather than one created for Sega or DiC, and barring mentions of Anti-Penelope and Anti-Rob, the only one introduced so far in the series.
  • Moebius has many similarities to Earth-3 from DC Comics which is a parallel universe in which heroes are villains and villains are heroes. It also resembles the Mirror Universe concept from the Star Trek franchise.
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