A Featured Article is an article from Mobius Encyclopaedia which is exceptionally written that has been chosen to be listed on the main page. Featured Articles must meet the criteria listed below before they can even be nominated. Sometimes articles which are nominated are put up, other times it may be an article arbitrarily selected by an admin. A new article of the week is put up every three to four weeks.

Criteria for Featured Articles

To be a Featured Article, an article must adhere to the Manual of Style. This means all of the information is properly referenced, its narrative language follows the corrent Point of View, and it is properly structured (i.e. broken down into headings and subheadings, as shown in the Manual of Style). Featured Articles are also those which contain a significant amount of information on the topic (See: long pages), as opposed to being short articles. Featured Articles must also be completed articles and should not have large gaps of information on their subject.

Articles nominated for Featured Article should not have the following:

  • Contain broad information not specific to the topic of the article.
    • For example: the article on Flying Frog simply is a copied/pasted and slightly altered version of the article on Predator Hawk just because they are both members of the Fearsome Foursome and had little distinct actions as individuals. Instead, it should have information on the actions of Flying Frog in the issues he appeared in, as opposed to what Fearsome Foursome as a whole did.
  • Have information simply be summaries of what transpired in certain issues.
    • For example: the article on Tails has broad summaries of what happened in issues he was in, including what other characters did, that do not contain any relevant information about Tails. It should state only what Tails did in that issue, not focus on information from an issue he appeared in that is not relevant.
  • Lack a lot of information on the subject.
    • For example: the article on Julie-Su lacks a lot of information about her from a series of issues. Even if her article is long and well written, if it has a large gap of information about her actions and appearances in a series of issues, it should not be nominated until that information is filled out. The article is still considered incomplete if a large amount of relevant information is missing.

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