Every three to four weeks (depending on circumstances), a new article which is exceptionally well written and properly formatted according to this site's Manual of Style becomes a Featured Article. Here, users can list articles they believe to be worthy candidates. However, it must meet the criteria before it is nominated. Please make sure the article you have recommended has not been a Featured Article for a period of at least six months by seeing here.

Here is how a user can put down a recommendation for the next Featured Article:

Speedy - Recommended by (sign your username here).

UPDATE 01 APRIL 12: One recommendation per user until the next Featured Article is selected. Users will be allowed to change their recommendations at any time before the new F.A. selection.

If a candidate from this list is selected, the user who recommended it will be notified. While it is not guaranteed that any and all recommended articles on this list will make Featured Article right away, however, it is guaranteed that any articles recommended will be looked over and considered before a new article is selected.

NOTE: When a new Featured Article is selected, the other candidates on the list below will be deleted (if any) for housekeeping purposes. Please do not take this in a negative way. Simply re-submit your choice down on the list and it will be reconsidered for the next Featured Article.

Candidates for Featured Article

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