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Mobius (Giant Robotno) is a version of Mobius where the Knothole Freedom Fighters and other Mobians have been mutated into giant monster versions of themselves. This change was the inadvertent result of a Chaos Emerald experiment performed by Mayor Kintobor, an alternate version of Dr. Robotnik.


Dr. J. Kintobor, the mayor of Kintopolis and a brilliant scientist, conducted an experiment in which he sent two Chaos Emeralds to Knothole Island, which he believed to be uninhabited. However, the island was in fact home to a number of Mobians, who were heavily affected by the resultant radiation. They thus became monstrous creatures who began attacking Kintopolis, either in search of revenge or out of a new mindless instinct to cause destruction. Dr. Kintobor made efforts to stop them, including the creation of a Roboticization virus that turned its victims into immobile machines. While this succeeded with the likes of Chuck-Zilla, over time the mutant Mobians developed immunity to the virus, as seen in the case of the cyborg Rabbot-Zilla.

In response to this threat, Zonic of the Zone Cops enlisted Sonic the Hedgehog of Mobius Prime, to help Kintobor recover the one power source that could provide the people of Kintopolis with a defense: one of the Chaos Emeralds that had been sent to Knothole Island. Using his great speed to capture Giant Robotno, one of Kintobor's creations, Sonic faced off with a number of mutated Mobians before coming across the carrier of one of the gems: Jules-Zilla, a mutated incarnation of Sonic's own father. The titanic creature attacked savagely, and in trying to block his attacks, Sonic inadvertently tore the Chaos Emerald from his chest, killing Jules-Zilla. As a result, Dr. Kintobor was able to complete a fully mechanized robot to protect the city. However, Jules-Zilla was survived by Sonic-Zilla, who retained the other Chaos Emerald that had been sent to Knothole Island. (SSS: #12)




Background Information[]

  • The Giant Robotno version of Mobius is obviously a parody of the Godzilla/giant monster series originating in Japan.
  • Most of the Freedom Fighter monsters were not given names. Ian Flynn has stated that he is unaware of any official names for them either, but said that it would be fine to tack a "-Zilla" on the end of each original name.
  • Ian Flynn has said this is the only parody zone that he would be willing to revisit because it was different than the others.[1]
  • Antoine is the only member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters not shown to have a "-Zilla" counterpart on this world. Charmy was also not shown in "-Zilla" form, while Julie-Su was not shown to have a counterpart either. Ray the Flying Squirrel and Saffron Bee had yet to appear as members of the Chaotix, and thus didn't appear alongside other Chaotix members.