Current Continuity
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The Knothole Freedom Fighters, whose membership consists of several Mobian races.

Mobians are a race of humanoid beings who inhabit much of Sonic's World, co-existing with Humans and other races such as the mystical Chao and the undeveloped Mobini. The Mobian population in general, like the rest of the rest of the planets inhabitants, is threatened by the villainous Dr. Eggman, although some Mobians choose to serve as members of his Egg Army.


Threatened by Dr. Eggman

Mobians have established various nations across their planet, including the city of Mobotropolis on Westside Island and the underwater kingdom of Meropis. Additionally, a number of Mobians came to share the United Federation the humans and some a dozen mobian nations joined the United Federation after it was formed Unfortunately, all Mobians came under threat with the rise of the villainous Dr. Eggman, who set out to dominate the planet and establish his Eggman Empire. (StH: #252, #257, #260, FCBD: 2014)


Known Races

See Mobian Races

Background Information

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