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Mobians (or Mobo-Sapiens) were mutated, evolved descendants of the former animal kingdom of Earth, existing on the planet Mobius. They were created as a bi-product of the Xorda's Gene Bombs, which lead to the mutation of the planet's inhabitants; however, some animals, such as Sonic's pet dog Muttski, seem to have retained their original forms. Unlike their Overlander cousins, Mobians tend to be far more open and accepting of other species on the planet.

Mobians consist of a large variety of races descended from species of the former animal kingdom. Although the dominant species on the planet, Mobians have suffered nearly twelve years under the brutal rule of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and later his alternate-universe self Dr. Eggman, knowing only a brief period of peace following the former's demise and the latter's arrival to Mobius Prime. In 3237 however, the Eggman Empire suffered a series of setbacks, and although it maintains control over most of the planet, many Mobians remain safe in New Mobotropolis and other parts of the world, as Eggman allowed his regional Sub-Bosses to go unchecked due in part from his fixation on defeating Sonic.


Xorda Attack

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Prior to the Xorda attack on the planet Earth (which would become Mobius), the animal kingdom was rather primitive in comparison to the humans, which were the dominant species at the time. The use of Gene Bombs by the alien race resulted in the rapid evolution of the animal kingdom. (StH: #125, #148)


Over the next few thousand years, the Mobosaurs emerged and roamed the planet surface. The Mobosaurs however became all but extinct during the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds (with the exception of the Ancient Walkers and Mammoth Mogul), leaving the Mobians as the dominant species of the planet. (TMS: #3)

Early Societies

The earliest Mobian society was that of the Echidnas, which adapted, learned and evolved as a much faster rate than the other Mobians. They successfully established the city of Albion thousands of years before any other Mobian city. (KtE: #12, #30)

The immortal Mobosaur Mammoth Mogul, with little understanding of his true power, began a society in which he was the supreme leader. Eventually he was overthrown by his disgruntled followers. Over the next few hundred years he established the Order of Ixis and made a bid for world domination during the Forgotten War, but was ultimately stopped by the Albion Knights of Aurora. (StH: #163, SMM)

Gradually, the other Mobians worked together to form the city of Mobotropolis, under the wise leadership of Alexander, the first king of the Acorn lineage. (StH: #71)


Following the establishment of Mobotropolis, the Mobians around the globe began to establish numerous other fiefdoms and settlements around the globe, including the Kingdom of Mercia, the tribal areas of the Mysterious Cat Country, and Echidnaopolis in the continent Downunda. (StH: #34, #58, #71)

With the exceptions of the echidna settlements of Albion and Echidnaopolis, the Mobian areas typically remained in a medieval level of technological development, preferring to preserve the environment instead of pollute it like the Overlanders. This changed in Mobotropolis under the help of the brilliant Overlander scientist Nate Morgan, who developed the Power Ring as a clean alternative source of energy, bringing the city to a new golden age. (StH: #34, #65, #71, KtE: #12)

Under Robotnik's Reign

In 3225, the Overlander scientist Julian Kintobor, who now renamed himself Dr. Ivo Robotnik, betrayed the Kingdom of Acorn when he launched a military coup, taking over the city and enslaving the majority of its population by means of roboticization, which robbed the Mobians of their free will and turned them into mindless robotic slaves. The majority of Mobius came under Robotnik's control over the next ten years, and numerous regional Sub-Bosses were established to maintain order and quell local resistance movements. (StH: #43, #58, TMS: #2, #3)

Temporary Victory and Robotnik's Legacy

In 3235, Robotnik was subsequently killed when he fired the Ultimate Annihilator, as his nephew Snively reprogrammed it to target only him, ending the First Robotnik War. The firing of the super weapon also restored the free will of the Robians who were in close proximity to the weapon, though others such as the Robians near Sand Blast City remained mindless drones and continued to attack Mobian settlements. (StH: #50, #62, #63, SSS: #2)

With Robotnik out of the way, the various Freedom Fighter groups retook their once glorious capital city of Mobotropolis, which had been transformed into a desolate, polluted and robotic wasteland under Robotnik's rule. After a brief confrontation with Snively, who hoped to take over his late uncle's empire, the city once again came under Mobian rule. (StH: #52, SSS: #2)

A brief struggle ensued with Ixis Naugus when he escaped from the Zone of Silence and laid claim to the kingdom, due to a deal he struck with King Maximillian Acorn during his banishment to the same zone. However, as acting ruler Princess Sally defied Naugus' claim, and the wizard was forced to retreat after a brief battle ended with Kodos and Uma Arachnis turned into crystal statues. During the campaign to restore their city to its former glory, most of the Mobian citizens had shown signs of distrust to the free Robians, who were suspected to continuing their "master's" commands. Naugus used this to his advantage by making King Max succumb to his anger and thus control his mind, nearly causing a civil war within the kingdom between the Mobians and the Robians. His plan was once again foiled by Sonic the Hedgehog however. (StH: #53, SSS: #4)

Following this, the Kingdom of Acorn enjoyed a new relative period of peace, while Sonic and Tails went on a world tour to track down Ixis Naugus and re-imprison him in the Zone of Silence. However, Robotnik's Sub-Boss in Mercia, the High Sheriff, continued to rule the region with an iron fist in Robotnik's name. With help from Knuckles the Echidna and Rob O' the Hedge, Sonic and Tails managed to defeat him and his Robian minions, allowing the Lost Tribe to escape. Rob also destroyed the High Sheriff's castle. After this, the High Sheriff was captured by the forces of Albion where he lay inoperative awaiting deactivation. (StH: #57, #58, #89, KtE: #12)

The city of Sand Blast also remained under siege from a series of Robians which did not have their free will restored from the blast of the Ultimate Annihilator. Although the Sand-Blasters managed to dispose of the Sub-Boss in their region and retake their city, they were forced to remain behind a protective shield dome to keep the violent Robian hordes out. Their shield was destroyed by Sonic when the locals, under the order of Jack Rabbit, tried to keep him there in order to protect the city from the Robians. After Sonic left the city with Tails, the Sand Blasters managed to capture and contain the Robians. They later tried to use the Robians to defeat Bunnie Rabbot, though the southern bell managed to defeat them instead and once again release them into Sand Blast City. (StH: #62, #63, #119)

The New Threat of Eggman

During Sonic and Tails' world tour, Robo Robotnik had come to Mobius Prime and began a series of secretive attacks from his orbital space station. The most damaging of these was using his satellites to pull a group of large meteorites down and hurl them at Mobotropolis, which was now a peaceful and rebuilt city. Following this, Robo Robotnik used his satellites to bring the Robians under his control, bringing them up to his space station to work as a labour force. The villain then lured the Knothole Freedom Fighters into space to investigate the space station, allowing Robo Robotnik's hordes of Shadowbots to recapture Mobotropolis and force its citizens to flee to Knothole Village. Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters managed to destroy the space station with the help of Snively, destroying Robo Robotnik and returning to Mobius. However, the tyrant simply transported his consciousness into a new robotic body underneath the city, becoming Dr. Eggman and re-establishing the empire of the late Dr. Ivo Robotnik. (StH: #68, #73, #74, #75, #76)

Following this, the Kingdom of Knothole was established to be a safe haven for those opposed to Eggman's tyranny. Dr. Eggman attempted numerous schemes to defeat Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, though ultimately his attempts ended in failure. In addition to this, Snively and Sally managed to plant a computer virus in Eggman's computer core, preventing him from downloading the location of Knothole into his memory. (StH: #75, #76)

One Year Post-Xorda

Following the failed attack on Mobius by the Xorda and Sonic's subsequent disappearance from the planet, Dr. Eggman consolidated his power and established the Eggman Empire. Officially declaring the Second Robotnik War on both the Kingdom of Knothole and the Republic of Station Square, Eggman proceeded to re-enslave most of the planet which had been liberated briefly after the demise of the original Dr. Robotnik. (StH: #125, #130)

The area suffering the most of Eggman's brutal tyrrany were the Echidna settlements of Albion and Echidnaopolis. Due to the betrayal of the mentally unstable Dr. Finitevus, Albion's location was provided to Dr. Eggman and its defenses sabotaged, enabling the Eggman Empire to invade and destroy the city while capturing its citizens and sending them to the Egg Grape Chambers where they perished. (StH: #182)

Following Sonic's disappearance from the planet, Eggman struck a deal with the Dingoes, providing them with technology and armies to take over Angel Island. When their leader General Von Stryker opposed this, he was ousted by his son Kage Von Stryker and banished to the Sandopolis Zone. Kage then made the alliance with Eggman, and proceeded to take over Angel Island, sending thousands of echidnas into forced labor camps and concentration camps. The Brotherhood of Guardians managed to protect the Master Emerald from being stolen by Eggman's forces, though in their weakened state were captured by Dr. Finitevus and experimented on, leaving the Master Emerald under the sole protection of Locke. Without the Brotherhood's protection, the few free echidnas were protected by the forces of the Dark Legion, now under Lien-Da's control. (StH: #138, #139, #140, #141, #181, #186)

Sonic the Hedgehog managed to return to Mobius in 3237, after spending almost a year's time in space. Following his return, Eggman began Operation: Triple Threat, which would launch an atomic strike against both Knothole and Station Square, along with sending a horde of SWATbots to take down the force field containing harmful radiation within the dome sheild of the former Robotropolis. This plan was ultimately stopped however. (StH: #130, #131, #132, #133)

After this failure, the Eggman Empire invaded and destroyed the Golden Hive Colony, leaving almost no survivors, although Prince Charmy Bee and his fiancée Saffron managed to escape to inform the Kingdom of Acorn, which had been revived during Sonic's absence. (StH: #138)

The Mobians suffered another major setback when Eggman sent in his Egg Fleet to invade and destroy Knothole. The attack had resounding success, with Eggman personally beating Sonic in his Egg Beater suit and the Egg Fleet completely razing Knothole to the ground, with all but four of its citizens captured. However, the four, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy Rose along with help from NICOLE, managed to rescue everyone and transport them to New Mobotropolis where they remained protected from the Eggman Empire's attacks. (StH: #175, #176, #177)


The citizens of New Mobotropolis rally behind Sally Acorn in an effort to attack Enerjak.

Not long after this, the Eggman Empire suffered a major set back when the Chaos-demigod Enerjak emerged and destroyed the Egg Fleet and turned the empire's capital city of New Megaopolis into smoking ruins. This setback allowed the Freedom Fighters to steadily invade the city and push back Eggman's control. Furthermore, due to his constant losses, Eggman's mental state slowly went into decline, causing him to allow his Sub-Bosses over the globe to run unchecked, many of which Snively could not get into contact with. The war finally came to an end when Dr. Eggman's final defeat against Sonic caused him to lose his sanity. (StH: #182, #189, #194, #200)

The Iron Dominion

Soon after Dr. Eggman lost his sanity, the Mobians began a great celebration, unaware that one of Dr. Eggman's Sub-Bosses, with whom Snively had entered into a romantic relationship, had been invited by Snively to claim the Eggman Empire as part of the Iron Dominion. When the person arrived, it was revealed to be Regina Ferrum, the Iron Queen, accompanied by the Iron King and the Yagyu Ninja Clan. Monkey Khan arrived at New Mobotropolis soon after, berating the Mobians for celebrating when their war is still going on. He then revealed to them of the Iron Dominion's takeover of the Eggman Empire. Skeptical of this, Sonic went with him to the former base of their enemy to see if he was telling the truth, and he discovered he was after he and Monkey Khan were attacked by the Iron King, the Dark Egg Legion and the Yagyu Clan and were forced to make a retreat. (StH: #200, #201, #202)

An attack was later created by the Iron Queen and Snively, which had caused Bunnie D'Coolette to temporarily lose control of her robotic limbs and Monkey Khan to go on a brief destruction spree. Afterwards, Dr. Eggman escaped from his cell and was locked up in the New Mobotropolis Detention Center. (StH: #203, #204, #205, #206)

After being taken over by the dominion, a portion of New Mobotropolis' population was legionized, though the city was later liberated by Sonic and the freedom fighters and the Iron Dominion fell into dissolution with the Iron King and Queen defeated. (StH: #208, #210, #211)

The Death Egg Mark II

Brief peace returned to Mobius with the Iron Dominion defeated. Though unfortunately Dr. Eggman and Snively had both managed to escape while the Freedom Fighters were fending off the Dominion to free Mobotropolis from their rule. Hiding deep under the ruined capital of New Megaopolis, Dr. Eggman had been devising the ultimate plan, the revivial of the Death Egg. Once completed, Eggman launched the all new Death Egg Mark 2 into the sky and caught all of Mobotropolis by surprise and laid out his first phrase of Operation: Clean Sweep. (#212, #224)

With a push of a button, Mobius was reformed into a all new world by the Genesis wave. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters would at first, have no memory of their past but blanks would later fill in and were able to revert Mobius back to normal. This didn't stop Eggman however from going ahead with the intention of roboticizing all of Mobius with the World Roboticizer aboard the Death Egg. Sally however, with the help of NICOLE, managed to invert the roboticizer beam unto herself to prevent all of Mobius from being roboticized and causing massive damage to the Death Egg. But ended up being roboticized and turned into Eggman's newest and deadly enforcer, Mecha Sally. (#225, #226, #227, #228, #229, #230)


Mobians are generally very peaceful beings who strongly believe in the preservation of nature. They are also typically gentle and forgiving by nature, which unfortunately has left many vulnerable to the machinations of cunning villains. Though Echidnas are the most advanced and isolationist race, the other races of Mobius tend to follow their example to some degree, forming either small communities of a single race or occasionally multiracial villages. Less common are large multiracial communities such as Mobotropolis, which was conceived of by Alexander Acorn, who realized the potential of combining the skills of the diverse Mobian people. The tendency of the Mobians to live in smaller communities is not out of antagonism towards each other, but rather out of habit. (StH: #65, #71, CSE)

Due to the numerous confrontations in the past with Overlanders, such as the Great War and the subsequent wars against Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Dr. Eggman, some Mobians hold grudges and feelings of outright speciesism towards them, making it difficult for Overlanders who are genuinely nice to live peacefully with them. Their relations with humans, by contrast, is on a much more friendly basis, particularly since the Republic of Acorn and the United Federation are allies in the war against the Eggman Empire. (StH: #69, #80, #130)

With regards to clothing, Mobians have varying styles of dress. Usually females wear more than males, though both dress more ornately if they are in positions of power or influence. (CSE)

Known Races

See Mobian Races



Various Mobian species

Mobians vary-often drastically-in their physical traits from race to race. While most Mobians are around three feet tall, they can range in size from six inches - like the Fire Ants - to seven feet - like Lions. Some Mobians resemble the Earth species from which they evolved, while others - notably Hedgehogs and Echidnas - bear little resemblance to their ancient counterparts. Other Mobian species - most notably those who dwell in the ocean - have little to no evolved characteristics beyond their intelligence and power of speech, thus making the line between Mobians and the simpler Mobini somewhat blurry at times. Unfortunately, this has led Overlanders in the past to treat Mobians with disdain as mere animals.

Mobians usually pair up with members of their own kind, but it is not unheard of for interracial couples to be formed. When interracial Mobian couples have children, they typically either have twin children that each carry one of the parents' physical traits, or have one child that carries both parents' physical traits. (CSE) The evolution of Mobians has apparently left most of them as subsets of the same race, and thus capable of forming couples despite some noticeable differences. Many Mobians have also demonstrated the ability to curl into a ball and roll at high speed, while others have been shown capable of spinning around and creating miniature cyclones.

Mobians apparently inherit an natural immune system known as Auntie Bodies. Consisting of microscopic, sentient female organisms, these entities protect their host's body (which they inhabit) from various illnesses and infections. It is unknown if other beings on Mobius share this same immune system. (StH: #33)

Background Information

  • Mobians were originally shown with four fingers and toes, like Overlanders, but have lately been shown with five.
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