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You may be looking for Mina Mongoose from the Mobius Prime universe.

Mina Prower profile
Mina Prower
Biographical information

46 (born on day 340, 3220)


Mina Mongoose (maiden name)



Physical description


  • Fur: Yellow
  • Hair: Purple
  • Eyes: Green
  • Green one-piece suit
  • Purple belt
  • Black headband
  • Purple boots
  • Silver earrings
  • Spatial armband
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super speed
  • Excellent singing voice

Mina Prower is the Light Mobius universe counterpart of Mobius Prime's Mina Mongoose. In this universe, she ended up marrying Tails and had two children with him, Skye and Melody, both of whom would later follow in their parents footsteps to become members of the Future Freedom Fighters.


Unaltered Timeline


Mina hugging Queen Sally before she departs with her family to Downunda.

At some point, Mina fell in love with and married Tails, and had two children with him named Skye and Melody. The family established a system of alternating years, in which they would spend one year adventuring around the globe under Tails' guidance, and the next settling down and allowing Mina to continue her music career. Mina and her family eventually moved to Downunda and were seen off by Queen Sally and her children Manik and Sonia Acorn, who were good friends with Skye and Melody as well as Tails. (StH: #138, CSE)

It was not suggested what happened to put Mina's former boyfriend, Ash Mongoose, out of the picture.

Altered Timeline

Before King Sonic used the Tachyon Chamber to change history, Tails had anticipated something was going to happen, and created a device to protect Mina and his children from being erased from existence and losing their memories of the other time-line. (StH: #144, #166)

Five Years Later...

Five years after the defeat of King Shadow, Mina attended the celebration of King Sonic's five year rule with the rest of her family, and jokingly complained that they had managed to get more people than she'd had at all her concerts combined. She then greeted Lara-Su with a rather powerful hug and said that she looked great. Later while watching King Sonic's opening speech with her children, she saw a missile being fired at Sonic and his family and how it was destroyed by Silver the Hedgehog. Later that night, her husband got knocked out and Mina ran out of the door with her children in her arms. She put Melody and Skye by a curb, and ordered them to find an E.S.T. officer or a Guardian, while she went to help her husband. Mina boldly confronted the Dark Presence, but was quickly gassed by one of the team members. Both were then held captive in a room in Castle Mobius. (SU: #5, #6)


Mina with her husband, Miles

Both Mina and her husband were later released by the reformed Dark Presence, and both went to aid in the battle against Perfect Tikhaos with Mina saving her two children from Tikhaos' attacks. Her children explained they were Freedom Fighters now, to her surprise. They, along with the others, helped to clear a path for King Sonic to attack Tikhaos' weak point, only for him to fail and his children to succeed. (SU: #8)


Mina retains the vibrant personality of her younger years, though it has matured with her as she has become a wife and a mother. Mina's family is the most important thing to her, particularly the safety of her children. Though she long ago gave up trying to be a Freedom Fighter, she has a fiery determination to protect those she cares about.


It was very difficult to see Mina Prower in much visual detail in the unaltered timeline as in the one panel she was drawn in, all the other characters in the same panel seemed to crowd her out. In the altered timeline, Mina has cut her hair so it is shorter and now wears a green one-piece suit with a purple belt but retains her headband and earrings. (StH: #138 SU: #5)


Despite her Mobius Prime self's relationship with Ash Mongoose, Mina somehow ended up with Tails instead. Despite the apparent odd coupling, the two are very much in love, enough to have created a somewhat convoluted lifestyle that enables the both of them-as well as their children-to enjoy what each of them loves most.


Years on, and Mina still maintains her super speed ability but this time she control it with ease. However, it is only assumed that she still sings. She is no longer shy as she was when she was younger, but her son is as shy as she once was.

Background Information

  • Mina and Tails's kids names can be based on their parents' abilties:
    • Melody Prower is so named because Mina can sing (singing with a melody).
    • Skye Prower is so named because Tails can fly (flying in the sky).
  • In SU #5 and #6 in some scenes it appears that Mina doesn't have her spatial armband.
  • Mina's eyes are miscolored blue in some issues.
  • Mina and Tails' romantic relationship is one of the more intriguing plot elements in the X Years Later timeline; head writer Ian Flynn even admits to being baffled as to where the idea came from.
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