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Mighty the Armadillo
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Physical description
  • Grey, brown and red boots
  • Black and red gloves
  • Red socks
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super strength
  • Basic combat

Mighty the Armadillo is a Mobian Armadillo who travels with Ray the Flying Squirrel. He is a known ally of Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, and the Chaotix


A student of Moss the Sloth, Mighty previously worked with Knuckles the Echidna, Heavy, Bomb and the Chaotix against Dr. Eggman. He and his friend Ray the Flying Squirrel, who once teamed up with Sonic the Hedgehog, went on a number of adventures together, with one such adventure taking them far away from Angel Island at the time of The Shattered World Crisis. As such, they were unavailable to guard the Master Emerald while Knuckles set out on a quest to help Light Gaia. When the planet broke up, Mighty and Ray did their best to help out, but Mighty felt frustrated by his inability to do more. (StH: #263, SU: #63, KC, SStH)

Wrangling a Werehog[]

Mighty defeats Xi

Mighty defeats E-113 Xi.

Having completed his training with Moss, Mighty was eager to put his new found speed and power to good use. He soon got the chance when, while in the Rocky Jungle Zone of Soumerca, he and Ray came across their old friend Sonic being attacked by E-113 Xi. Ray flew Sonic to safety while Mighty dispatched the E-100 Series robot handily, and the friends soon exchanged greetings. Mighty also greeted Sonic's companions Princess Sally and Amy Rose, the former noting that she regarded him and Ray as honorary Freedom Fighters. Mighty also guessed that the trio were on a mission to help repair the damage to the planet, leading Sonic to wonder whether he had been "taking psychic lessons from Silver," whom Mighty had yet to meet. The pair also introduced Sonic and the gang to Mighty's mentor Moss, who sensed a darkness in Sonic that the Hedgehog had been attempting to deal with by himself. Unfortunately, the five friends were soon set upon by the Soumerca Egg Army and their Egg-Boss, Thunderbolt, while attempting to recover a Chaos Emerald seized by the villains. The resulting confrontation saw the heroes hit with electrocuting projectiles that had the effect of completing Sonic's transformation into the Werehog. (StH: #263, #264)

Mighty vs Werehog

Mighty takes on Sonic the Werehog

As Sonic went on a rampage against the Egg Army forces, Mighty urged the others to collect the Emerald while he tried to contain his friend. After preventing Sonic from putting an end to Thunderbolt, Mighty engaged the Werehog in battle, unable to reach his friend. Fortunately, Sally and Amy were able to talk their friend down, and the heroes returned to Moss' hut. Sonic returned to normal at sunrise, but decided to remain with Moss and Mighty until he could get a handle on his transformed state. As such, Mighty aided Moss in helping Sonic learn to accept his new form rather than try to control it. Impressed by his friend's new found maturity, Sonic suggested that Mighty might make a good leader, something that Mighty wasn't quite so convinced of. Ray was quick to jump on the idea of forming a team of Freedom Fighters, and Moss even suggested that Mighty could take others of his students under his wing. Soon enough, Sonic learned to accept his transformed state, just in time to fight a Flying Dynamo robot, which was dispatched with Mighty and Ray's help. (StH: #265, #266, #267)

Soon, Mighty and Ray helped old friend Knuckles and Amy Rose recover two of the Master Emerald shards being held by Thunderbolt. As Knuckles confronted Thunderbolt head on, Mighty took the container holding the shards, and threw it all the way to Moss's place. Mighty then escaped Thunderbolt's base afterwards. Later, Mighty watched Sonic and Sally's broadcast, and decided to aid them in keeping the Egg Army at bay while the Freedom Fighters restored the planet. (StH: #281, #282, #283)


Mighty new

Mighty's current attire.

Mighty is a black-and-peach armadillo with a red shell. He has a black nose that is somewhat longer and more pointed than Sonic's and he has light blue eyes. For attire, he wears large grey, red, and brown boots, red socks, a pair of black, fingerless gloves with red lining around the finger holes and buckled brown cuffs, with bandages wrapped around his lower arms.

Powers and abilities[]

Along with Bark, Mighty has immense superhuman strength making him one of the strongest characters in the series, he can throw aE-113 Xi with one hand, he can even match Sonic The Werehog in strength. Mighty durability is so strong that he can take quite a brutal beating from anything including the Werehog and get right back up, Migthy shell is also strong enough to take a beating that he can curl up into a ball for protection.

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