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This article is on the Metal Sonic from the Another Time, Another Place reality. For other versions, see Metal Sonic (disambiguation).
Metal Sonic ATAP

Metal Sonic, looking graceful in the ribbon dance event at the Olympics.

Metal Sonic is a robot duplicate of Sonic the Hedgehog, created by Doctor Eggman in an alternate reality.


Helping to Conquer Little Planet[]

Sonic Saves Amy ATAP

Metal Sonic is defeated on the Little Planet

Metal Sonic first assisted Doctor Eggman in his attempt to conquer the Little Planet, which involved the kidnapping of Amy Rose. This culminated in a race against his organic counterpart, Sonic, in which he was heavily damaged, thought to have been destroyed. (SSSM: #3)


Some time later, Eggman would return to the Little Planet during it's annual passing over Never Lake, where he would retrieve and revive a still heavily damaged Metal Sonic... (SSSM: #3)

Olympic Trials[]

During the Olympic Games, Doctor Eggman captured all of Sonic's friends in several traps, disallowing them to compete in the events. As a substitue, Metal Sonic is made to challenge Sonic in all of the events, leaving Sonic extremely worn out, with one more event to go. However, after harnessing the power of the Olympic Spirit, Sonic defeats Metal Sonic in the 100 metre hurdle and frees his friends. (StH: #242)