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Metal Marauder

Highflying terror of the seas.

The Metal Marauder was a ship that was affiliated with the Sol Zone Pirates and the personal ship of Captain Metal. It had an assortment of high-tech weaponry, proving a worthy foe for the Ocean Tornado and Captain Whisker's ship.


Under Captain Metal's command, the Marauder sailed the seas of the Sol Zone and did battle with other pirate crews. In its travels, the vessel picked up three fairly valuable pieces of cargo: Mobian mercenaries Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear and the red Sol Emerald. In gratitude for their rescue, the two thieves joined the crew, with Bean's explosive-producing powers proving a boon to the ship's arsenal. This provided a serious advantage during a battle with the Ocean Tornado, resulting from the attempts of Team Rose and the Coconut Crew attempting to recover the Emerald. The pirate vessel proved the more dangerous, and the Ocean Tornado sank, though all hands managed to escape. The Marauder then transported its crew and prisoner Blaze the Cat back to port on Pirate Island, where Captain Metal unveiled it's replacement: the Egg o' War. (SU: #55, #56)

Some time later, Blaze and the rest of Team Rose commandeered the vessel and press-ganged its crew into pursuing and battling the ship of Captain Whisker. Both vessels were seized by Metal's Kraken, but were liberated when Bean and Bark worked together to destroy it. The Marauder didn't enjoy victory long, however, as Whisker fatally damaged the vessel before departing. It's robot crew abandoned ship for Whisker's, and the Mobians aboard took to another vessel: Metal's submarine. (SU: #57, #58)


The Metal Marauder was equipped with a number of weapons, including:

  • Cannons that were capable of firing Bean's bombs at targets.
  • A massive laser cannon with the power to reduce another vessel to splinters.

Background Information[]

  • The Metal Marauder was unnamed until Sonic Universe #57.