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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Original Continuity

For other chapters of the Dark Egg Legion, see Dark Egg Legion (disambiguation). For Eggman's cyborg forces based in the same region in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, see Eurish Dark Egg Legion. For other units of the Egg Army, see Egg Army (disambiguation).

The Mercia Dark Egg Legion is the chapter of Dr. Eggman's Dark Egg Legion based in Mercia ruling over the renamed capital of Snottingham. It is ruled over by Grandmaster Mordred Hood, and opposed by the Mercian Freedom Fighters: first under Rob o' the Hedge, then under his successor Bow Sparrow.


Early Activities[]

At some point in time, the Mercia Dark Egg Legion was organized and became the regional representatives of the Eggman Empire, replacing the De-Roboticized Armand D'Coolette and his Robian and robot troops. The Mercia Legion, along with the other Legion chapters, received word that Dr. Eggman had supposedly perished. However, this report was identified as a false message by Eggman himself, who teleported Lord Hood and his fellow Grandmasters to the Death Egg Mark 2 to give them continuing orders. As a result, the Mercia Legion was retasked with expanding the empire's boundaries and searching for the blue Chaos Emerald Eggman had lost possession of. The Legion continued with its usual methods, which included capturing Mercian civilians and imprisoning them in the dungeon of Snottingham Castle. (StH: #123, SU: #37, #46)

Chaotix Visits[]

The Mercia Legion soon found itself dealing with unexpected interlopers, in the form of five members of the Chaotix: first Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, and then their teammates Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee. The first pair engaged the Legion while searching for information about Mighty's long-lost sister, and succeeded in both defeating a Legion unit that attempted to capture them and turning away an assault on Deerwood Forest that was aimed an uncovering the refuge known as Hideaway. After stopping the Legion, the pair set out to infiltrate the castle in order to gain access to the Eggnet and determine the location of Mighty's sister.

When Legionnaires assisted by G.O.O.N. units attempted to capture the latter trio, they were also engaged by their usual foes, the Mercian Freedom Fighters. Having suffered defeat at the group's hands previously-thanks to Mighty and Ray's support-the Legion once again fell before the attackers. The trio of visitors and the Freedom Fighters then set out to invade the castle and save the Legion's captives, subduing several guards and entering through a tunnel. However, the Legion was well aware of their route of infiltration, and prepared to take the intruders prisoner. (SU: #46)

Despite the Legion's preparations, they were unprepared for the tactics employed by Espio and his teammates, who wrought havoc in the castle on their way to access the Eggnet. They also assisted the Freedom Fighters in releasing the Legion's prisoners, despite Lord Hood's personal attempt to stop them and their near capture of the heroes' Warp Ring. The Legion, caught so off guard, were tricked with falsified orders, and the Chaotix, Freedom Fighters, and former prisoners escaped to Hideaway using the Warp Ring, despite being surrounded on both sides by Legion forces.(SU: #47)

Known members[]


  • Laser Rifles: Standard equipment, a potent energy weapon capable of taking down even the strongest of Mobians in sufficient numbers.
  • Implants: All members of the Dark Egg Legion/Egg Army have parts of their bodies replaced with mechanical implants, increasing their strength and giving them new abilities. The extent of individual legionnaire cybernetics is currently unknown, but seems to vary between individuals.
  • G.O.O.N.s: Giants for Offensive Occupation and Nullifcation, these robots are gigantic humanoid machines that apparently work primarily with the Mercia chapter of the Legion.


The Mercia Egg Army is based in Snottingham Castle, once home to the Mercian Royal Family.

Background Information[]

  • The Mercia Dark Egg Legion is one of the few chapters not known to have been previously introduced or had members introduced prior to its appearance as a Legion chapter.
  • The Mercia Dark Egg Legion, along with the Nerb Dark Egg Legion, was one of the only chapters to have almost completely conquered and maintained control of its respective territory. However, both faced resistance in the form of local Freedom Fighter groups.
  • In its initial appearance in SU #37, the Mercian Legionnaire depicted wore the traditional red and black hood traditionally associated with the Dark Egg Legion. In their second appearance in SU #46, they were first drawn with their hoods (albeit with their faces uncovered), and later in the issue their hoods disappeared entirely. This is almost certainly due to the Ken Penders case, which saw the removal of the original Albion Dark Egg Legion chapter which was the source of the normal Dark Egg Legion attire. This affected the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion as well, which was also later depicted without hoods despite wearing them in their first appearance. Later, of course, this Legion and the others were either removed from the series or changed into Egg Army units, undoubtedly due to the Ken Penders case as well.


The Mercia Dark Egg Legion chapter differed in appearance from various other chapters. Though they shared the black hoods of other groups, they wore them as part of woodsman garb rather than matching black cloaks. This garb consisted of a green tunic, black pants, and brown gloves and boots. Like most chapters their faces were obscured by red masks, before this was phased out in favor of simple hoods.