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The Kingdom of Mercia (also referred to as the Kingdom of Snottingham) is one of the Mobian kingdoms on Mobius, located across the sea in Eurish and some distance away from Northamer's Kingdom of Acorn.


Mercia had existed as a kingdom for quite some time, though at one point it's leadership was in question. This issue was settled by King Sebastian Acorn, and the rule of Mercia was held by the O'Hedge family for several generations. It's population spoke a mixture of languages and dialects, with it's French-speaking inhabitants including the D'Coolette family prior to their relocation to Mobotropolis. Unfortunately, the last king to sit on the throne of Mercia trusted an evil adviser, Lord Mordred Hood, who had his own ideas for how the kingdom should be run. (CSE, SU: #46, #47)

The Kingdom fell into severe decline after the despot Dr. Ivo Robotnik managed to take over the Kingdom of Acorn and spread his empire throughout Mobius. The Kingdom of Mercia was eventually overrun by Robotnik's forces, and Robotnik's Sub-Boss known as the High Sheriff was installed to ensure any rebellions were quelled. Those who managed to escape capture and roboticization at the hands of the High Sheriff and his Robian followers moved to Deerwood Forest, where Rob o' the Hedge became king. Rob also led a group of Freedom Fighters known as the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters in an attempt to end the High Sheriff's rule. The group's efforts failed, and all of the members of the Crazy Kritters except Rob were captured and roboticized. (StH: #58, KtE: #12)

After Robotnik died and the High Sheriff was apprehended, the Kingdom seemed to regain some of its territory and freedoms, despite the coming of Dr. Eggman. Contact continued between the Kingdom of Mercia and the Republic of Acorn, and Rob remained the region's protector. His fellow Freedom Fighters were also De-Roboticized, only for the group to be forced to deal with a new threat: the Mercia Dark Egg Legion under Grandmaster Mordred Hood. The Legion took a number of captives, and Rob took his family into hiding as a result while his team continued opposing the Legion, with some help from the visiting Chaotix (StH: #88, #111, #123, #195, SU: #46)

Points of Interest[]


The High Sheriff's castle.

Background Information[]

  • Mercia was obviously named after the lands where the famous outlaw Robin Hood's many exploits took place (Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire was a part of the real-life kingdom of Mercia in Wales). The kingdom was likely named simply to compliment Rob O' the Hedge's character to further relate him to Robin Hood.
  • With the exception of Mighty the Armadillo's family, Antoine D'Coolettes family, Amy Rose, and Flying Frog, most of the known natives to Mercia have names that are inspired either directly by Robin Hood folklore, such as Rob, or other British literature, such as Mordred Hood.
  • Geographically speaking, Mercia is in the former regions of Europe, most likely the United Kingdom before the Xorda came to Earth.