{{Icons|Pre-SGW Menthor was the Chief Magistrate of Echidnaopolis roughly 400 years ago. When he realized Edmund and Dimitri's plans to reunite the Floating Island with the surface of Mobius would make them both heroes, which would jeopardize his own political ambitions, Menthor denied the brothers' petition strictly on those grounds, though officially stated that the High Council rejected their proposal because it was too dangerous. After Dimitri's accidental transformation into a demigod and subsequent takeover of the Floating Island, Menthor was imprisoned in the Dark Tower along with Edmund. The two were freed by the Fire Ants shortly before the tower collapsed on itself. In the aftermath of Dimitri's takeover, which had been enabled by science and technology, Menthor suggested that echidna society should make amends "as best we are able," which led to the decision to restrict excess technology. (StH: #35, #36, KtE: #22)

Menthor was unnamed in his first appearances in StH #35 and StH #36, though he was referred to as the Chief Magistrate. His actual name was provided in KtE #22.
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