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Menniker of the House of Dimitri
First Appearance

Knuckles the Echidna #1

Biographical information


Physical description


  • Fur: Crimson & Black
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Dark Legion cloak
  • Black mask (formerly)
Political Alignment and Abilities

Menniker was the son of Dimitri and the founder of the infamous Dark Legion. When his father seemingly died at the hands of the Fire Ants, Menniker blamed his uncle Edmund for betraying his father and siding with the High Council. He decided to oppose the Council's ban all excessive technology and follow in his father's footsteps, developing the Dark Legion take over Echidnaopolis. Menniker was killed many years later during one of his attempts to destroy Echidnaopolis via nuclear weapons by then-Guardian (the great-great-grandson of his cousin) Aaron.


Early Life

Menniker and his cousin Steppenwolf were both just teenagers when their fathers proposed their plan to restore Angel Island to its former site on Mobius. Menniker was embarrassed by his father's attitude when the Council denied their petition. However, after his father, who had become the Chaos demigod Enerjak, was seemingly killed when his Dark Tower collapsed on him, Menniker vowed to have revenge on those he felt were responsible, including his uncle Edmund. (StH: #35, KtE: #1)

Birth of the Dark Legion


Menniker, in his Dark Legion uniform

Some time after his father's seeming demise, Menniker received telepathic messages from Dimitri. Having survived being buried due to his form as Enerjak, Dimitri reached out telepathically to his son, telling him to follow in his footsteps. Menniker, eager to avenge his father, set out in developing a force which he would lead to take over Echidnaopolis and restore the abandoned technology. While Steppenwolf and Edmund went around collecting the excess technology from all the Echidna homes, Menniker pretended to play along, while secretly storing state-of-the-art technology in a hidden section of his house. (KtE: #1, #3)

After the Dark Legion had killed Edmund, who was searching for his son Steppenwolf, the Dark Legion began all out civil war on the rest of the Echidnas. Desperate to end the strife, the High Council was on the verge of submitting to the Dark Legion, until Steppenwolf, who had been trained over the last few months by the Fire Ant Christopheles, convinced them he would deal with the situation. During another Dark Legion rally, Steppenwolf came before their Grandmaster, still unaware it was his own cousin. After a brief struggle ensued, Menniker revealed himself, and explained his reasons for creating the Legion. Realizing his cousin could not be persuaded to stop his action, Steppenwolf banished him and the entire Dark Legion to the Twilight Zone. (KtE: #2, #3)

Revenge and Death


Menniker after his escape

In the Twilight Zone, Menniker and the Dark Legion found themselves surrounded by multiple alien races and a former Albion caste, the Nocturnus Clan, which ruled the Zone. The Legion wasn't conquered by the Nocturnus due to their inferior technology, but Menniker had the Legion raid the clan and steal teleportation technology. Upon emerging from the Twilight Zone for the first time using the stolen tech, Menniker addressed his Legion with the following speech: "The Dark Legion was never defeated. We were stabbed in the back by the weak and greedy in power. The true Echidna civilization is destined to rule the world of Mobius. Only a strong leader - such as myself - can save Echidnaopolis from the radicals and techno-conservatives who would wish us back into the stone age." (KtE: #23, CSE)

Because time was slower in the Twilight Zone, there were four generations which passed in the prime universe to the one in Menniker's. When Menniker finally managed to escape from the Twilight Zone, he formed an alliance with the Overlanders. Planning to completely destroy Angel Island with a nuclear warhead, he and his group of Overlander partners were discovered by one of the current Guardians, Aaron - Menniker's great-great-great-nephew. Upon learning Menniker's plan, Aaron selflessly boarded the nuclear missile and began disarming it. Menniker persued, and after the missile launched, the two echidnas fought. Almost immediately, Menniker made the biggest blunder of his life: he told Aaron which lever would set off the detonator. Aaron prematurely detonated the missile, preventing it from destroying Angel Island at the cost of his own life, taking Menniker with him. (KtE: #25)


Menniker, much like his father, was extremely egotistical and stubborn. Feeling betrayed by his cousin and the High Council, Menniker was unable to look inward and see his own faults. Despite his outward composure, Menniker showed signs of weakness and fear when faced with his own mortality. (KtE: #3, #25)


A tall echidna of average build, he also sported a small beard. Menniker wore a robe ornated with markings on the chest and sleeves, a black mask was used to conceal his identity during the early days of the legion.

Background Information

  • Though Menniker was part of the Dark Legion, he did not have any visible cybernetics on him, as the Dark Legion replace at least one body part with a cybernetic implant. It is possible this practice may have started after Menniker's death, that he had internal cybernetics, or that his cybernetics may have been concealed by his robe.