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Melody Prower profile
Melody Prower
Biographical information

14 (born on day 154, 3252)


Mobian Mongoose

Physical description


  • Fur: Yellow
  • Hair: Purple
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Black and purple tube top
  • Turquoise shorts
  • Cyan, black shoes
  • Turquoise gloves
  • Purple bracelets
  • Silver hoop earrings
  • Spatial armband
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super speed
  • Singing talent

Melody Prower is the daughter of Miles and Mina Prower, and big sister to Skye Prower. She was born in the original Light Mobius timeline, and preserved in the altered one by the efforts of her father. In the new timeline, she became a member of the Future Freedom Fighters.


Unaltered Timeline

In the original future, Melody moved with her family to Downunda shortly before Lara-Su's Unveiling. In a flashback of the departure recalled by Sally, it is indicated that she had something of a crush on Manik, similar to her own mother's crush on Sonic some years before. She, like her mother and brother, were protected by Tails as a precaution against alterations to the timeline. (StH: #138, StH: #166)

New Timeline


Melody as part of the Future Freedom Fighters.

Melody accompanied her brother and parents to King Sonic's five year rule celebration. She was delighted to see her friend Lara-Su again, but was annoyed when Skye was too nervous to even say anything to her. She later saw a missile heading toward King Sonic and his family, and how it was destroyed by Silver the Hedgehog. (SU: #5) Melody, along with Skye, were dropped off near a curb by their mother as she went to confront the Dark Presence. Lara-Su and King Sonic comforted the scared children when they found them and took them to Argyle the Crocodile's house, where Melody made a friendly acquaintance of Argyle and was then met by two other visitors to his home: Jacques D'Coolette and his sister Belle. She and her new friends would then be tested against first the Dark Presence, whom she worked together with Skye and Lara-Su to defeat, and then Perfect Tikhaos, an evolved form of Tikhaos released by Shadow to exact revenge upon Mobius for rejecting his rule. (SU: #6, #7) To her excitement, Melody distracted Perfect Tikhaos along with her brother under orders from Lara-Su. Jacques and Belle, in the meanwhile, attacked the deity. Melody saved Jacques from an attack from Tikhaos' arm during that time. Jacques thanked Melody and called him her heroine, which made her blush. Her mother and father later joined the two after being released by the Dark Presence. She later worked with her mother to hold off the arms while Sonic went for a head shot. He failed, but Sonia and Manik pulled off a successful second attempt. Everyone's combined efforts allowed Lara-Su to finish the Tikal's Prayer ritual and she raced off with the rest of the Freedom Fighters after the battle, ready for anything. (SU: #8)


Melody is a polite and outgoing girl, who is often frustrated by her brother's shyness. She is willing to stick up for Skye when she sees someone point out a flaw of his. Melody is also possessed of her father's adventurous spirit, wanting very much to help protect Mobius as he did in the past.


Melody also seems to have a budding romantic interest in Jacques after he saved her, as she also saved him from Perfect Tikhaos in return and kept close to him with a dreamy look in her eyes once the battle ended. Five years previously, in the unaltered timeline, she appeared to have a bit of a crush on Manik Acorn, but in the new reality Manik is considerably younger than her.


Melody inherits her mother's super speed as well as her ability to sing.

Background Information

  • Melody Prower is named for her mother's talent (singing with a melody).
  • In her first appearance in StH #136, Melody looked exactly like her mother in the present timeline only shorter. Since Tails prevented his wife and children from being altered when the time was changed, it is unknown why Melody looks so much different now. It is possible that she simply looks different because she is older, or she just changed her look.
  • Her eyes have been miscolored green in a few issues.
  • Melody's spatial armband has switched arms on occasion.


When she first appeared, Melody was the spitting image of her mother apart from appearing slightly younger than Mina in her teenage years. Upon her return in 30 Years Later, she bore a greater resemblance to her father, with his color fur and white muzzle.

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