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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Mello Bee
Biographical information

Unknown (Died 3236)

Physical description
  • Goggles
  • Bomber jacket
  • Sneakers
  • Helmet
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Able to shrink to tiny size

Mello Bee was a Mobian bee and the wild, fun-loving, adventure-seeking best friend of Charmy Bee. A native of Golden Hive Colony, he and Charmy shared a number of adventures together, remaining friends even after Charmy left the colony to live on Angel Island. Sadly, during a visit to the island, Mello unknowingly overdosed on an addiction-causing drug known as Lemon Sundrop Dandelion. He died shortly thereafter, and his friend Charmy subsequently returned to Golden Hive Colony.


Saying Goodbye[]

Mello was Charmy's best friend, and the pair of them went on a number of adventures in their youth. Mello met up with Charmy just before he left the Golden Hive Colony, refusing to go through with his royal heritage. Mello sympathized, having himself thrown many of the colony rules to the wayside. When Charmy told him his plan to get away for a while, Mello agreed to keep quiet on the matter, and Charmy then ran away to Angel Island. (KtE: #13, CSE)

Tragic Death[]

7-16-10 Mello Funeral

Charmy throws a flower onto Mello's grave

Later, Mello appeared on the island, and he and Charmy went around to find some fun and ended up at Happy Land amusement park, belonging to Renfield the Rodent. Ignoring the past incidents at the park, Charmy thought it would be safe as the place claimed to have reopened under new management. While at the park, Mello ate one of the chili dogs loaded with the "secret sauce" Downtown Ebony Hare and Renfield were using on the food. The sauce contained an addictive element to get people to buy more, but it could be dangerous in large quantities, and Renfield was being irresponsible with its use. Mello overdosed on the sauce and after leaving the park, he began to hallucinate before collapsing in an alley in front of Charmy. Charmy called for help and found Harry, the Dingo cab driver. He rushed Mello and Charmy to the hospital, and Mello was rushed into surgery. Sadly, Mello succumbed to the food poisoning. While Remington explained that Mello was not the first to experience an accidental overdose of Lemon Sundrop Dandelion, he was the first whose case was fatal, though Remington was unable to give an exact reason why. Eventually Charmy decided he was leaving the Chaotix to accept his heritage as prince of the Golden Hive Colony, and so returned to speak with Mello's parents and have the funeral. (KtE: #13, #14, #15)

Background information[]

  • Mello's name could be a stealth pun; It is possibly derived from the Latin name for the Honey Bee (the species of Mello and the other Golden Hive residents), Apis Mellifera. Alternatively, it is possibly derived simply from the Greek and Latin term for honey, melli. However, his name could also have been taken from the mood someone has from using a drug. "Mello" is also a very small city located in Northern Italy.
  • Mello was a fairly minor character, only appearing in three Knuckles the Echidna issues which included his death. However, his status as a deceased character was noted in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia.