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X Profile

X, the main protagonist of the series.

Mega Man X is a video game series and spinoff from the Mega Man video games, and has also seen adaptation in the Archie Mega Man comics. It follows the adventures of X, a robot built by Mega Man's creator Dr. Light, approximately one hundred years after Mega Man's battles with Dr. Wily. Along with Archie Mega Man, Archie Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Archie Sonic Boom, elements of Mega Man X will be present in the Worlds Unite crossover.

To reference material from the Mega Man X games in articles, the link (MMX) should be used.

Characters and Concepts

Used in the Crossover



Not Used in the Crossover

The following are characters or concepts not used in the crossover despite its events taking place after their games of introduction.


  • Dr. Cain
  • Douglas
  • Lifesaver
  • Repliforce


  • Red
  • Dr. Doppler

Background Information

  • Prior to Worlds Unite, Archie Mega Man featured six stories with content adapted from the Mega Man X series, in issues 34, 35, and 37-40.
  • According to the Archie staff, the events of the Mega Man X timeline where it starts in Worlds Unite take place following X7, thus explaining the presence of Axl and various Mavericks and Mechaniloids from all the games that take place prior to that point in the series. However, Sigma also makes use of the Genesis Portals during the crossover to bring in Mavericks who appeared in X8.
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