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A Mechaniloid is type of robot from the future of Earth 20XX that is less advanced in terms of intelligence than a Reploid. Unfortunately, like Reploids, they are capable of becoming Mavericks and thus posing a threat to humanity.



Mechaniloids were created for various functions to assist humans and Reploids. Unfortunately, many of them were corrupted by the same virus that turned many Reploids into Mavericks, and as a result became part of Sigma's forces in his bid to take over the world. (MMX)

Worlds Unite

Unified Army fights Mechaniloid Army

The Mechaniloid Army fights the Unified Army.

When the Maverick Hunters attacked Sigma's fortress in an effort to destroy him for good, they were challenged by a small army of Mechaniloids. Upon making his escape to the Lost Hex above Mobius, Sigma had Dr. Eggman's Badnik producing facilities there reconfigured to produce Mechaniloids instead. Additionally, he began using the Genesis Portals to reach into his future and resurrect some of his more powerful Mechaniloids. He soon had a veritable army ready to confront the heroes, which he placed under the command of the mind-controlled Deadly Six. This army-or rather those units capable of flight-proceeded to engage the crew of the Sky Patrol, which included the Knothole Freedom Fighters, several Robot Masters, Team Sticks, and the Maverick Hunters. Despite vastly outnumbering the heroes, the aerial force was virtually annihilated within a short time. A number remained active following the Deadly Six's move to take control of the robots aboard the Sky Patrol, prompting Break Man to consider having Knuckles destroy his nuclear power core and unleash an electromagnetic pulse. Others later appeared as Sigma-2's defenders when the Sky Patrol's crew-joined by allies from various worlds-launched a massive assault against Sigma. (SU: #76; MM: #50; SB: #9; WUB: StH; StH: #275)

Known Mechaniloids

Background Information

  • The Mechaniloids serve as stage enemies and sub-bosses for the Mega Man X series and its spinoffs, similar to the Badniks of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • Curiously, not all Mavericks from the Mega Man X series appeared as part of Sigma's forces, and some of those who were seen didn't appear later, such as the Shadow Devil.
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