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Mecha Sally
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  • Robot Number Three-Three-Nine-Zero

  • Princess X
  • Egg Sally
  • Acorn Annihilator
  • The Princessassin (all by Eggman)

  • Physical description

    Sally Acorn

    Political Alignment and Abilities

    Mecha Sally was the Robian version of Sally Acorn, created on occasions when Sally was subjected to Roboticization. This appearance has been assumed twice, the first during the First Robotnik War in a failed attempt to sabotage Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The second time came years after as an act of sacrifice to stop Dr. Eggman's Operation: Clean Sweep. Eggman saw an opportunity with this situation and weaponized Mecha Sally into one of his premier enforcers of the Metal Series. Mecha Sally was then pitted against her allies, friends and loved ones in order to take advantage of their emotional conflict from fighting someone so close to them. Additionally, it would turn out to be Mecha Sally's actions that would result in the ruination of Mobius 200 years in the future.


    Becoming the Enemy[]


    A roboticized Sally holds the Freedom Fighters at gunpoint

    During the first war, Sonic and Dulcy found a portable De-Roboticizer. Sally opted to be roboticized and sabotage Robotnik's headquarters right under his nose, and be reverted back to normal later. Sally let herself be caught with a Neuro-Overrider, but was unaware the device fell off her and left prone to the roboticization process, losing her free will like all other Robians. Dubbed "Robot Number Three-Three-Nine-Zero" by Robotnik, Sally revealed the secret exit to Robotropolis where she was to meet the Freedom Fighters, and held them hostage, leading to Sonic's capture upon arrival. After the Freedom Fighters refused to tell him where the De-Roboticizer was, Robotnik ordered their roboticization by Sally herself. Fortunately, Dulcy came in the nick of time with the device, and restored Sally with it just as she was about to activate the sequence. (StH: #29)

    Sally's Sacrifice[]


    Mecha Sally following the orders of Dr. Eggman

    Years later, Dr. Eggman initiated Operation: Clean Sweep to roboticize the entire planet with the Death Egg Mark 2, threatening the destruction of entire communities and countless deaths. When Sally and Nicole found the only option available in the time they had was to invert the beam, Sally without hesitation ordered it to be done with a manual switch, despite being aware she would not be immune. Once Nicole backed herself up into New Mobotropolis, Sally executed the program just as Eggman ordered the World Roboticizer to fire, causing it to rebound into it's own chamber, which led to an explosion that destroyed the weapon. Soon after, Mecha Sally emerged from the rubble, roboticized and completely subservient to Robotnik's will, much to Sonic's horror and Eggman's delight as she reached for the stunned hero's throat. Sonic's pleas for Sally to resist Eggman's control went unheeded as Eggman saw the hedgehog's feelings could not bring himself to fight her, and sarcastically had Mecha Sally throw him out of a waste disposal hatch. Eggman then her put to use right away when they returned to the Death Egg's bridge by forcing Snively to fire the Egg Annihilator Beam when he at first objected. (StH: #230, #231)

    Upgraded Enforcer[]

    Hoping to capitalize on the situation, Eggman weaponized Mecha Sally and installed a Power Ring energy source which would not risk restoring free will due to other modifications to herself. Once complete, she was deployed with Metal Sonic v3.5 to kill Elias Acorn as he relocated to Feral Forest with his wife & step-daughter. Mecha Sally's use against the remaining Knothole Freedom Fighters proved further effective as her new look brought anguished reactions from her former friends, enabling her to destroy the Tornado without a fight, and downed Bunnie easily from the lack of her cybernetics. Sally soon clashed with Sonic again and kept him on the defense while resisting his attempts to get through to her, and only withdrew once Antoine was critcally injured in an explosion from Metal Sonic's self destruct. (StH: #232, #233, #234)


    Mecha Sally and Metal Sonic attack E-123 Omega.

    Not long after, Eggman presented Mecha Sally to his assembled Grandmasters alongside other Metal Series robots as enforcers to "help" the Dark Egg Legion chapters perform effectively. Once the Grandmasters were dismissed, Mecha Sally accompanied Eggman aboard the Egg 'Stache Flyer in search of the fleeing Snively. Tracking Eggman's nephew to Central City, Mecha Sally provided support for the Egg Paladins by confronting E-123 Omega. Sally's appearance in serving Eggman shocked even the E-100 Series robot into contemplating rescue, or possibly destroying her as an act of mercy. However, Mecha Sally and Metal Sonic v3.6 took Omega by surprise with their combined firepower. As Snively escaped again, Mecha Sally and Metal Sonic destroyed the G.U.N. fighters pursuing his Egg Jet and then withdrew to continue the chase. (SU: #37, #38)

    While attacking Stormtop Village she engaged Monkey Khan, but the fight drained her Power Ring and threatened to kill her without a replacement. Khan selflessly gave up his Power Ring crown to save her, and upon being restored, subdued him so Eggman could take control of him with a Command Crown. Both were crushed under some trees when Snively arrived with the Iron Oni, but Mecha Sally freed herself and faced Khan again after Regina possessed him with her Magitek. Khan overpowered Mecha Sally as they fought, and she fruitlessly attempted to use his feelings for her to an advantage. Regina's hold over Khan broke before he could finish her though, and Mecha Sally entered emergency stand-by whereupon Khan handed her back over to Dr. Eggman, as he was the only one who could repair her. (SU: #39, #40)

    Mecha Sally in Furville

    Mecha Sally confronts Sonic.

    After being fixed, Mecha Sally was sent with Egg Swats to invade Furville and make an example out of the inhabitants. However, their troops were repelled when Team Fighters arrived on the scene and Sally had to retreat with the ground forces providing cover fire as the Death Egg headed south for the Lost Temple of Shazamazon. While Eggman refueled and restocked the Death Egg, Mecha Sally kidnapped Queen Hathor and Grand Chief Lupe Wolf in order to turn the Felidae and Wolf Pack Nation against each other. The plan soon went awry though, when Hathor escaped and led Team Fighters back to the base. Mecha Sally discovered Tails with T-Pup near the Death Egg, and was suprised that his emotions no longer impaired him as they clashed. She then gave Tails the choice to try disabling her before the Death Egg departed, risking himself and the others, or let her go so they could escape and save the region. Tails decided it would be best to leave, and Mecha Sally returned to the Death Egg, unaware Tails placed a tracker on the fortress. After the airship took off, Mecha Sally offered a "divide and conquer" tactic, to which Eggman decided to have her divert Team Fighters by visiting Elias' family. (StH: #236, #237, #238)

    Mecha Sally then led the assault on Feral Forest as Team Fighters caught up to her and had a rebuilt Silver Sonic v3.0 take on Sonic while she bested Colonel Sommersby in his attempt to delay her. She was then blocked by Amy before she could proceed, and tried to infer Amy's actions as a way to get rid of Sally and have Sonic all to herself. Amy resisted her goading with Tails' help, forcing Sally to set fire to nearby houses with her Boom Fant as a distraction, and called for back-up from the Egg Swats aiding in the raid. While her old friends fended off the Egg Swats, she discovered Elias and his family already left, and she flew off from her failed mission to join the Death Egg's second invasion of New Mobotropolis. Mecha Sally later participated in the reconstruction of a previously defeated Metal Sonic, and when it was rebuilt a second time later watched as it left to pursue its mission to the Interdimensional Gateway. (StH: #239; SU: #50)

    Arctic Assault[]

    Team Fighters's pursuit of the Death Egg lasted quite a while, with Eggman making several more attempts to keep the heroes stalled.  Eventually, the Death Egg landed in the Northern Tundra, where Team Fighters, aided by the Arctic Freedom Fighters, launched an assault to rescue Mecha Sally at last.  Silver the Hedgehog, who had come to the conclusion that the roboticized princess was in fact the mystery "traitor" to the Freedom Fighters that he had been searching for to save his doomed future, also arrived to assist Team Fighters in the rescue, having realized that her "betrayal" was not of her own free will.

    Soon enough, Eggman, outraged that Sonic and his allies were right on his tail yet again, deployed Mecha Sally along with a horde of Egg SWATs to hold them off.  While the Egg SWATs overwhelmed the Arctic Freedom Fighters, Mecha Sally went for Team Fighters, first by kicking Amy in the jaw.  Sonic grabbed her and rammed her backwards against a bulkhead, only to be incapacitated along with his friends by a powerful blast from her head-laser.  At that moment, it seemed like she had the team at her mercy, but just before she could finish them off, she was discretely knocked out by Silver, who basked in the fact that he had successfully stopped the "traitor". Just then, however, the world was struck by the second Genesis Wave... (StH: #247)

    Dark Memories of Another Reality[]

    When Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily teamed up and altered their worlds, Sonic and Tails regained knowledge of Mecha Sally from their original, unaltered reality after Shadow the Hedgehog used Chaos Control in close proximity to them. Eggman, having retained his memories of Mobius before the Genesis Wave was unleashed, had planned in rewriting reality again so that both Mecha Sally and Mecha Sonic would serve him. However, his disruption of Super Sonic's efforts to restore their world to normal caused untold damage. Sonic and Eggman both retained their memories of these events in the new, permanently altered reality, and other members of the Freedom Fighters were eventually granted this knowledge through contact with Nicole the Holo-Lynx. Sally and Amy Rose were the last to be so affected, and the actions of her Robian self in the alternate reality weighed heavily on Sally's mind for a time. (StH: #251, #252, #255, #256, #257; MM: #26)


    Sally's strength as Mecha Sally was greater than it ever was in her normal form. Eggman modified the second Mecha Sally with new abilities, including prevention of restoring her free will, rocket-powered flight via boot jets, and sword-like blades mounted in her forearms which retract when not in use. She also has a powerful laser hidden inside one of her locks of hair. She primaraly uses the laser as part of a combo attack with Metal Sonic. Mecha Sally also has the ability to project a powerful force field around herself, shielding her from enemy attacks. In addition, Mecha Sally still remembers and possesses her formidable martial arts skills as she was able to back flip kicked Omega to the ground, a move she once used on Knuckles long ago before being roboticized a second time. It is possible that like Metal Sonic, she is capable of using her claw-like fingers to slash opponents. (StH: #232, #233, #234, SU: 38, SMM)


    Cold and efficient, Mecha Sally was completely loyal to Dr. Robotnik (later Dr. Eggman) and follows his orders without question or hesitation, even going as far as betraying the ones she had considered her friends. She also engages her opponents psychologically; delivering cold, merciless ridicule of their weaknesses while attacking them and exploiting her former allies' feelings for her against them (StH: #234, SU: #40).


    Mecha Sally Reveal Full

    Mecha Sally v2, pre-upgrade

    In her first appearance, she appeared as a robot version of herself.

    Mecha Sally Designs

    Artist Ben Bates' design turn arounds for Mecha Sally.

    Her second appearance is similar to her first appearance, except for the fact that when first roboticized, her eyes became red on black, while in her second form they were blue on black, as well as being more detailed and mechanical-looking.

    After Dr. Eggman upgraded, modified, and weaponized her, Mecha Sally still had her metallic blue vest, but her hands became silver, her midsection was silver with a black and red crystal or panel underneath her vest, black boots, black shoulder guards in place of the round brown shoulder guards, and blue legs. In addition, her cheeks now have silver disks instead of her original brown disks and her hair has an extra pair of 'spikes' on the sides. Her tail is still brown.

    Background Information[]

    • One of Sally's counterparts from an alternate dimension, Cyborg Sally, is a partially Roboticized version of Sally and thus could be considered part Mecha Sally.
    • Mecha Sally's appearance is similar to both Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge.
    • Mecha Sally's mouth appears and disappears throughout her appearances.
    • In Sonic SatAM a Roboticized version of Sally appeared in "Sonic's Nightmare" however this incarnation of Mecha Sally had a completely different appearance, being completely metallic grey and no sign of her trademark hair. The same design was also used as the original form of a robot who impersonated Sally.
    • Ben Bates revealed a number of significant things about Mecha Sally's tenure:
      • The plan was to have the change last until issue 250 but was scrapped due to Ken Penders' lawsuit and the crossover with Mega Man.
      • It was planned that, when Sally returned to normal, she would have the redesigned look she has now.
        • However, Ben Bates also stated that "Neo Sally" would be revealed as an advanced Eggman robotics and a sleeper agent. The real Sally Acorn would have been in cryostasis and the next five year arc would feature Sonic traveling the world to find her. [1]
          • Writer Ian Flynn, however, contradicted the above statement, stating that sequence of events was never intended to happen. It should be noted that Ben Bates also stated he was only given a basic idea of the direction the plot would take, which possibly led to the discrepancy. [2]
      • Ben Bates expressed disappointment in the original Mecha Sally design and her initial form off of the styling Spaz drew in issue 29's cover.
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