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Mecha "M" Robotnik
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3236 (destroyed 3237)


Dr. Eggman


Auto-Automaton bodyguard

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  • Super strength

Mecha Robotnik, or "M," was the robotic daughter of Dr. Eggman and sister of A.D.A.M.. She was created during Sonic the Hedgehog's lengthy absence in space, and served as Eggman's chief bodyguard. Loyal to her master, she was eventually forced by Dr. Eggman to self-destruct after A.D.A.M. framed her for treason.


Eggman's Bodyguard[]


Mecha about to blast Sonic with her laser eyes

During Sonic's time in space, Eggman had created Mecha and accidentally her computer virus "brother" A.D.A.M. Mecha acted as Eggman's main bodyguard after her creation. She first came into contact with Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower when the two arrived to stop Eggman from launching his nuclear missiles from his battle ship in Old Megaopolis harbor as part of Operation: Triple Threat. While Tails tried to keep A.D.A.M. occupied, Mecha gave Sonic a thrashing for attacking Eggman and he eventually wound up in the ocean. Eggman told her he wanted to see a body and she jumped into the sea after the hedgehog. Sonic managed to lead her away from Eggman's ship by swimming ashore and caused her to waste much of her fuel by continuously blasting at him with her laser optics. (StH: #130, #132)

After she realized she needed to correct her aiming, she managed to badly wound Sonic's arm. Before she could kill him however, Bunnie Rabbot knocked her away, while Geoffrey St. John threw a grenade where she landed. The resulting explosion ruined her outer shell and left only a metal skeleton-like construct. While Bunnie and Antoine took off to stop Eggman, from launching the nuclear missiles, Mecha recovered to attack Sonic, Espio the Chameleon, Geoffrey and Hershey St. John and Fiona Fox. The fight ended when Sonic used his speed to carve a circle of road out from under Mecha, causing her to fall into the sewers and short circuit. (StH: #133)

Despite this, she was eventually repaired and volunteered for an assault on Angel Island after Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna and the Chaotix started devastating the work of Kage Von Stryker. Eggman had a different operative in mind, though admitted he knew Mecha would make him proud if she went. (StH: #140)

Defending Eggman from the Metal Sonics[]

Mecha remained out of sight until much later when she was seen watching over Metal Sonic's attempt to acquire information on Project: Shadow. Shadow showed up seeking the same information and fought Metal Sonic until they knocked each other out and Mecha took them away. She later interrupted a meeting between Eggman, Sonic and Rotor regarding a potential assassination attempt. Unfortunately, she was somehow under control of the unseen assassin, who sent roughly 100 Metal Sonic Troopers to kill Eggman. Mecha knocked out Sonic and Rotor and had Eggman cornered, while A.D.A.M. became somewhat unresponsive. Eggman managed to override the unknown villain's control over Mecha and fled, finding Shadow and the broken Metal Sonic in the process. Mecha stayed with Eggman while Shadow helped Sonic and Knuckles the Echidna stop the Metal Sonic Troopers. This fiasco would eventually cause Eggman to trace the mastermind to an upstart called "Anonymous." (StH: #157, #158, #159)

It is unknown whether Mecha was being controlled by Anonymous at this point or not, though it is likely that she was.

"Betrayal" and Death[]

Death of M

M about to self-destruct.

The Anonymous investigation was still unfinished when Eggman explained to Mecha why he used the Egg Grape Chamber the way he did. Just as Eggman finished his mass killings, the Arachne attacked intending to use the Sword of Acorns to open the Zone of Silence and release Ixis Naugus. Mecha tried to zap the Arachne with her optic lasers but missed, nearly hitting Eggman. Frustrated, Eggman ordered Mecha to take him out of the chamber and had A.D.A.M. trap the Arachne inside, exactly as "Anonymous" hoped. When they reentered the Egg Grape Chamber, Naugus was now present. Mecha tried to blast him, but he vaporized himself, then attempted to asphyxiate Mecha. Because Mecha didn't need to breathe and was thus unaffected, Naugus instead froze her before he warped out of New Megaopolis with the Arachne and Sword of Acorns. (StH: #162, #163)

Just as Mecha finished defrosting, A.D.A.M. showed a video of her conspiring with "Anonymous", with "Anonymous's" identity (as usual) obscured so that Eggman could not identify him. Mecha found herself unable to explain this and claimed that A.D.A.M. was lying. Unable to prove her innocence, she had no choice but to obey Eggman's order to self-destruct. Eggman then ordered A.D.A.M. to delete all of Mecha's back-up files so that she would never return. Still, he showed deep regret with having her destroyed, when he told Sonic that he lost a lot thanks to Naugus, Mammoth Mogul and "Anonymous". (StH: #163, #164)


Mecha had super strength thanks to her mechanical body and could shoot laser beams from her eyes. (StH: #133)

Background information[]


Mecha's machine body exposed. Her appearance was similar to T-X from the third Terminator film

  • Mecha's appearance bore many similarities with the villain T-X from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
  • Writer Ian Flynn stated in a Q&A on his forum that he'd have liked the chance to flesh out Mecha, but was ordered to kill her off in StH #163. (1)


Mecha appeared as a caucasian overlander with brown hair. She almost always wore black sunglasses, except when she removed them to fire her laser eyes. Beneath Mecha's artificial skin was a metallic female body with a skeletal face and sharp claws.

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