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Max waiting to speak with Ash.

Max the Monkey is a Mobian monkey and the guitarist for the Forget Me Knots. When it was proposed that the band change its tune, Max complained to the band's manager, Ash Mongoose, saying he was content just to play pop and have fun; he wasn't interested in using their music to make a statement. However, Mina Mongoose explained her reasoning for wanting to get a message out and was able to convince Max to change his mind. (StH: #200, StH: #220)

While initially a bit nervous, Max later performed the new tracks with the rest of the band at a massive concert in the New Mobotropolis Coliseum. After the show, the band made its way to their trailer; Max got there first and was shocked to find Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog waiting inside. Deciding that they knew the two better than the rest of the band, Max sheepishly suggested Mina and Ash go in first. (StH: #221)

Background Information[]

  • Max is from the scrapped "Sonic the Hedgehog Band", which appeared in concept art prior to the 1991 release of the first ever Sonic the Hedgehog game; the band was supposed to play music when a player accessed the "Sound Test" option of the game.
  • Max has yet to have actually been addressed by name within the comic itself; however, a female groupie was seen carrying a sign reading "Max rocks!" at one of the concerts.
  • Despite SEGA owning the rights to Max, and therefore allowing the character to be used again in the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, he has not yet made an appearance in the current comic continuity, and whether or not he will is currently unknown.

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