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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.

Maw the Thylacine
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #83

Biographical information


Physical description


  • Fur color: Yellow, white and black
  • Eye color: Purple
Political Alignment and Abilities

Maw the Thylacine is the Egg Boss of the Egg Army unit stationed in Tralius.


Eggman's Dozen

At a dark, unknown location presumably in Tralius, Maw was summoned by Dr. Eggman to take part in a mission to reclaim Eggmanland from the Naugus Twins and the Witchcarters. At the briefing meeting, Eggman showed him and the other Egg Bosses how he would keep them in line: by paralyzing them as he had an Egg Foreman who had failed him prior. Maw, remaining on topic, asked if Dark Gaia monsters would be among the resistance they would meet; Eggman assured the shadowy creatures would not interfere (a claim he was later proven wrong on). Maw was partnered with Nephthys the Vulture to shut off the badniks' command signal, as they were both his newest Egg Bosses. Maw, for his part, enjoyed helping Eggman in a "hands-on" way. However, as he and Nephthys reached the control tower, they were ambushed and surrounded by Eggman's bewitched badniks. (SU: #83, #84)

Powers and abilities


Maw possesses highly classified experimental cybernetics that lets him engulf entire hordes in a whirlwind of energy. This ability eradicates any traces of Maw's foes while Maw himself remains unaffected. What becomes of those consumed in the blast is unknown, although Maw has hinted that his power is not lethal.


Maw the Thylacine.

Maw the Thylacine is an Mobian thylacine whose has purple eyes, fur colored yellow with black markings on the tip of his ears and black "V"-shaped makings on his forehead and snout. Maw's muzzle seems to be completely cyberized, colored gray with a bolt on both sides of his muzzle. He has a long tail that is yellow with black stripes and wears an Egg Boss uniform colored mostly black and white with yellow buttons on his shirt.


Maw is possibly the most enigmatic of all the Egg Bosses. Obsessed with robots and perfection, he is hungry for knowledge and will do whatever it takes to change the world to his ideals. To this end, Maw supports the idea of the world being controlled by the Eggman Empire, believing that Eggman's mad conquest will serve the greater good and will "save the world from itself".

Background Information

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