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Marie D'Coolette was the wife of General Armand D'Coolette and the mother of Antoine. Native to Mercia, her family relocated to Mobotropolis out of her husband's desire to serve Maximillian Acorn, something Marie didn't totally agree with. The difference in opinion continued in their son's education, in which Armand taught Antoine in English, the language of their new home, while Marie insisted on teaching him their native tongue of French. Sadly, Armand disappeared and was presumed dead sometime before Dr. Robotnik's takeover, leaving Marie thinking herself a widow. Even more tragic, she developed an illness that eventually claimed her life, leaving the young Antoine an orphan for all intents and purposes. She was remembered lovingly by both husband and son, and Armand anticipated being reunited with her as he bid his goodbyes to Antoine upon his deathbed. (StH: #46, #58, #168, SSS: #9, CSE)

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