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  • Blue leotard
  • Gold belt
  • Gold bands
  • Sandals
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Maria is a Mobian Wolf and daughter to Lupe and Lobo. She is their first child, and has a younger brother named Marcos and two adopted siblings, Aerial and Athena.



During the First Robotnik War, the wolves of the Great Unknown drew lots to decide who would fight and who would stay behind to protect the others; Maria's mother Lupe left to form the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters while her father Lobo stayed behind with Maria and her brother Marcos. Unfortunately, at some point all three were captured and roboticized. When Lupe's pack returned to the ruins of their city, a roboticized Sir Charles Hedgehog forced her to also submit to the process lest her family be dismantled. (SSS: #11)

Resumed Journey[]

Eventually, all Robians, Lupe's family included, had their free will restored, and so the roboticized Maria accompanied her family to Knothole where Lupe forgave Charles for his uncontrolled actions. Later, the whole family was restored to their true forms by the Bem; after celebrating, they left to resume their journey. While in the woods they were nearly caught up in the spread of A.D.A.M.'s nanites; too small to run quickly enough, Maria was carried by her mother. The group escaped and continued traveling. (StH: #112, #123, #152)

Settling in a New Home[]


Maria (right) fights with Marcos over a toy.

The scattered wolves were eventually resettled in the southern hemisphere, forming the new Wolf Pack Nation. Though hostilities arose between the wolves and the Felidae, who apparently kidnapped Maria and her siblings before they came back home. When Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog arrived in reponse to an invitation to be inducted as members of the Pack, they witnessed Maria and her adopted sisters squabbling with Marcos over a ball, insisting that the young boy had stolen it while they were still playing with it. Lupe dryly commented that the children were more difficult to govern than the nation itself. (StH: #213, #214)


Maria seems to get along well with her adopted sisters but squabbles with her brother, though they do care about each other, their people, and their home. While she is the younger of the two Wolf siblings, she is also the bossier of the pair, often trying to get her older brother to listen to her. (CSE)

Background Information[]


Nearly identical to her mother in terms of appearance, Maria is a gray/violet wolf with dark hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue leotard with gold accents; her hair is braided.