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Luger and Mari-Su marrying

Mari-Su of the House of Atrades was the second wife of the Dark Legion's third Grandmaster Luger. Several years after the death of Merin-Da, Luger met Mari-Su and was immediately captivated by her. Some time later, Mari-Su married Luger and a year later gave birth to Julie-Su. Mari-Su was despised by her step-children Lien-Da and Kragok, and eventually Lien-Da assassinated her while making it appear to be a tragic accident. (StH: #205, SSS: #11)

Background Information


Spaz's sketch of Mari-Su in StH #115

  • A design sketch of Mari-Su by Patrick Spaziante was available in Sonic the Hedgehog #115.
  • Her name is derived from the term "Mary Sue", which fits Lien-Da's view of her as a sickeningly perfect being.
  • Mari-Su's house name "House of Atrades" is a parody of the "House of Atreides" from the Dune series.
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