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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

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Mari-An is a female Echidna, formerly from the Lost Tribe and later wife of Rob o' the Hedge. A formidable warrior, Mari-An helped to free the Lost Tribe from the High Sheriff's control. Later, when the Lost Tribe arrived at Albion, Mari-An remained in the Kingdom of Mercia to be with Rob, with whom she later had a child. She also joined the Mercian Freedom Fighters.


Member of the Lost Tribe[]



Mari-An first appeared when the tribe arrived in Mercia. To her shock, Mari-An discovered that her brothers, Zax and Raynor, had disappeared. Accompanying Knuckles the Echidna, she set out to find them. The two later split up, and upon their reunion, Knuckles was accompanied by Rob o' the Hedge. Rob and Mari-An's similar personalities led them to fight atop a log over a nearby river. Mari-An fought quickly defeated Rob, knocking him into the river. As she helped him out, the two got a better look at each other and began to fall in love. Meeting up with Sonic and Tails, the group worked together to save the Tribe from the High Sheriff's enslavement. They snuck into the castle through a hidden passage via the church and found Yanar about to be executed. (StH: #58, KtE: #11)

While the others saved Yanar, Mari-An grabbed a sword and lead the other echidnas to freedom. She hesitated to leave when she realized Rob had not escaped with the group, and became distraught when the castle exploded behind them; however, Rob soon emerged not only safely but with Mari-An's missing brothers, much to her delight. As acting Mitre, Knuckles questioned Rob about a certain location, leading the hedgehog to walk off in a stupor. Shocked by his reaction, Mari-An demanded to know what Knuckles had said to induce such a reaction, and when Rob walked towards a cliff, Mari-An grew alarmed, thinking he was about to jump off. However, it turned out that Rob had merely lead them to a location he had dreamt about; the cliffs overlooking the distant island of Albion. Mari-An watched with tears of happiness as Knuckles found the way across, but as the tribe left for the island, she told her parents that she had fallen in love with Rob and wished to stay with him. They gave the two their full blessings and left. (KtE: #12)

Life with Rob o' the Hedge[]


Mari-An with Rob

Having fallen in love with Rob (likely assisted by the Echidna sixth sense known as the Soultouch) Mari-An decided to remain in Mercia with him. They later married and some time later the two had a child. (StH: #88, KtE: #12)

Some time later, Mari-An went to be at Rob's side after putting their son Jon to bed. While staring at Never Lake, the two witnessed the arrival of Silver the Hedgehog, who insisted he be brought to Sonic the Hedgehog as soon as possible, claiming the future was at stake. Rob left with Silver on their quest to find Sonic after asking Mari-An to stay and keep an eye on her child, who teased him about going off on an adventure without her but accepted. (StH: #194, #195)

The family later went into hiding following an assassination attempt on Jon's life by Lord Hood, and the other members of the Mercian Freedom Fighters began to fear that they had been killed. However, in reality they had managed to escape to Never Lake where they eluded the Dark Egg Legion. (SU: #46, #47)



Mari-An with her son, Jon, and husband, Rob o' the Hedge.

Like Julie-Su, Mari-An is more aggressive than is typical of female Echidnas. She takes issue with those who doubt her self-reliance; when Knuckles questioned her ability to handle herself in a dangerous situation, she responded by throwing him to the ground. Similarly, she doesn't like being left out of the action, likely seeing such a request as doubt of her capabilities. While initially not impressed with Rob's bravado, she quickly grew to love him. She shows great concern for others and doesn't hesitate to put herself in danger for their sake; she fears for their safety far more than her own. When Rob leaves her to keep an eye on things back home, she isn't completely pleased with being left behind but is understanding and accepting of the situation.

Background Information[]

  • Mari-An's name is a pun of Maid Marian, the romantic interest of Robin Hood, with Rob and Mari-An serving as a parody to the classic story. Their initial meeting is based on Robin Hood's first meeting with Little John - after whom their son is named.
  • Mari-An is one of the few surviving members of the Lost Tribe by birth, given the destruction of Albion. She is also one of the only handful of named Echidna characters in the series who was present on Mobius when the race was decimated by Eggman and survived without being directly related to either Dimitri or Edmund, others including Dr. Finitevus and Komi-Ko.
  • Mari-An spoke in the similar verbose diction (thou, ye,) as Rob in her first and second appearance, but since then she appears to have dropped it.


Mari-An is a reddish-orange echidna with large, poofy bangs framing her face. She typically wears an olive green robe and a desaturated blue hooded cloak. She is sometimes seen carrying a wooden staff or walking stick. In her most recent appearance, she has maroonish fur.