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"Many Hands" is the pen-name for an artist, or multiple artists, who worked on the Archie Sonic titles.

While it is possible that this was a single person, the name "Many Hands" implies that it was a pen name used for stories that cycled through multiple creators. Artwork created by "Many Hands" is often inconsistent, off-model, and generally low quality. As a result, said art has often been regarded as some of the worst in Archie Sonic history.


Background Information[]

  • Neither story that "Many Hands" worked on has ever been reprinted.
  • "Cry of the Wolf" is an adaptation of the eponymous Sonic SatAM episode.
  • Sonic Super Special #15's main story, "Naugus Games", is arguably one of the most infamous stories in the history of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, with the majority of the story being told through solid black or winter-print panels with no original artwork.