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You may be looking for Manik from Light Mobius, or Manic the Hedgehog.
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Manik sees Robotnik Prime

Manik Acorn was the son of Queen Sally and King Sonic in a possible future version of Mobius. He was seen to be happily playing with his grandfather Maximillian Acorn along with his sister Sonia. At one point Manik had a chance encounter with Robotnik Prime when he was inadvertently transported to their universe by E.V.E., calling Robotnik the "bogey man". Manik and the rest of his family was tragically killed when Robo-Robotnik nuked the planet. (StH: #22, #75, IYF)

Background Information

  • Manik's name was not stated during his appearance in StH #22. He received his name in Sonic Archives #6.
  • Manik has had at least two counterparts from different alternate future realities: the version of him from the two versions of Light Mobius and another from 3437 P.X.E..
  • Both him and his sister Sonia are the youngest characters known to have died in the series.
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