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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
You may be looking for Manik (future version) or Manic the Hedgehog.

Manik Acorn profile
Manik Acorn
Biographical information
  • 10 (born on day 328, 3251)
  • 4 (born on day 162, 3263) (Altered)
  • Prince of the Kingdom of Acorn
Physical description
  • Red and white shoes
  • White gloves
  • White and blue socks
  • Small, gold crown (formal)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super speed
  • Spin Dash

Manik Acorn (Light Mobius) is the son of King Sonic and Queen Sally and brother of Sonia Acorn. Manik bears great resemblance to his father, and has inherited his super speed and personality, but has his mother's eyes. He is the prince of the Kingdom of Acorn and a member of the Future Freedom Fighters.


25 Years Later (Altered)[]

Due to Sonic's travels to the past, Manik and Sonia were erased from the timeline, putting a mental toll on the once king. However, when Shadow was defeated, Sonic brought up the idea of kids to Sally... (StH: #167)

Five Years Later...[]


Manik and Sonia hovering in the air after Lara-Su used Chaos Control on them

Five years after Shadow's defeat, Manik was watching a news broadcast with the rest of the Royal family, excited at seeing his baby self on TV. Manik got upset at learning that his parents were going out for the night, but quickly changed his mind when he found out that Lara-Su was babysitting him and his sister. He later caused havoc along with Sonia, forcing Lara-Su to use Chaos Control to rein them in. Lara-Su then put them to bed and read them a few bed time stories, which seemed to put them to sleep. However, the two snuck out of their room and caused more trouble, resulting in a pillow fight with Lara-Su. The next day, they attended the celebration of the Five Years of Peace, when a missile was suddenly launched at the royal family. However, they were saved by the timely arrival of Silver the Hedgehog. An invasion by the Dark Presence forced Manik and his mother and sister to flee to a hidden safe room with the unconscious Silver. Within the Panic Room, Manic watched his father retake Castle Mobius with the help of the new Freedom Fighters. He was seriously excited with his dad and wanted to get a few words in but Sonic wanted to talk to Sally at the moment. (SU: #5, #6 , #7)

Water begins to flood into the Panic Room, causing the Prince to panic. His father arrives, though, easing any fears. Doing as he says, Manik rode a rock as a surfboard, escaping the castle. The twins contribute to the efforts of the Future Freedom Fighters by reminding Sonic about his fight with Perfect Chaos and doing a spin dash with his sister after Sonic fails to hit the brain of Perfect Tikhaos. Manik joins the team with his sister after the fight. (SU: #8)


Prince Manik in the unaltered timeline.

Bratty and obnoxious, Manik managed to annoy just about everyone as a pre-teenager. He was shown to be good friends with Skye Prower, as well as the object of a possible crush from Melody Prower. Revealed by Sally to have a crush on Lara-Su, he nevertheless made a nuisance of himself as the royal family made its way to Angel Island to stay with her family. While his father bickered with Knuckles, Manik tried to fit in with a group of girls that included his sister and Lara-Su, sparking moments of conflict and embarrassment at a sleepover. (StH: #137, #138, #139)


In the altered timeline, Manik's personality isn't very different. He is still fun-loving, but due to his young age, is somewhat immature and highly excitable.

In the unaltered timeline, Manik's personality was very much that of his father's. He was very fun-loving, though he had a low-tolerance for his royal duties. He also looked up to his father. However, he could come across as somewhat annoying to others, particularly Sonia.


Before the timeline was altered, Manik had a huge crush on Lara-Su. In the altered timeline, this seems to carry over into an immense fondness for her. Prior to the timeline's alteration, Melody Prower appeared to have a crush on Manik, though it is unknown if he was aware of this and it was unlikely that he reciprocated due to his feelings for Lara-Su. Juanita the Chameleon may have had a crush on him as well, as her father Espio stated that she would have liked to dance with Manik at Lara-Su's Unveiling.


In both timelines, Manik has inherited his father's super speed. In the altered timeline, he learned how to Spin Dash.

Background information[]

  • Manik is named after Underground Sonic's triplet brother, Manic.
  • In the Unaltered Timeline, Manik had his father's eye color and personality. However, in the Altered Timeline, he has his mother's eye color, but his personality isn't fully like his father's.
  • In the Unaltered Timeline, Manik is considerably younger than Sonia, while in the Altered Timeline, the two are fraternal twins.
  • Manik's shoes are based off of his father's shoes.
  • An alternate version of Manik was seen in a painting in 3437 P.X.E. in StH #215. However, given the lack of information about this future-as well as its susceptibility to change-it is unknown whether this version of Manik is descended from Sally and Sonic, or whether he would still come into existence given alterations to the timeline since this painting's appearance.


Manik is a blue hedgehog with a somewhat prominent diastema. He looks largely identical to Sonic.

In the unaltered timeline, Manik has green eyes and wears slightly more detailed versions of Sonic's shoes, each featuring two gold buckles.

In the altered timeline, the much younger Manik retains most of this appearance. However, in response to the common fan complaint of children looking identical to one parent with no traits of the other, he was given his mother's blue eyes. For formal occasions, he wears a small crown. He was later seen in white and green socks.