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You may be looking for Mammoth Mogul from the Mobius Prime universe or his counterpart from Dark Mobius.

Mammoth Future
Mammoth Mogul
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #216

Biographical information




Physical description


  • Fur: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Blue suit
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super IQ
  • Teleportation
  • Controlled the Chaos force
  • Telepathic Powers
  • Ixian Magicks

Mammoth Mogul, the mammoth who was once an enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog, had become a mentor to Silver the Hedgehog by the year 3437 P.X.E., who trained the latter in his quest to find the "traitor" to the Knothole Freedom Fighters and save their future.


Silver's Mentor

Gifted with immortality, Mogul has lived for millenia and learned and studied the scientific arts as well as the magical. After one of the original members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters caused great destruction across Mobius, Mogul found and raised a young Mobian of extraordinary power named Silver the Hedgehog. He taught him how to control his powers of psychokinesis and telepathy and of the Freedom Fighter traitor and his plan to eliminate him and fix their time so Silver could become a Knight of Kronos. Silver has repeatedly gone back in time to accomplish this, going after Sonic the Hedgehog himself on Moebius, going to the Light Mobius zone to save King Sonic and traveling to the Northern Tundra to eliminate Rotor Walrus, but with no sign of the traitor. After this last trip in time, Mogul asked for Silver to come to him for not seeking his permission before journeying back. When Silver arrived, Mogul simply asked him to prepare dinner for them and then talk about his trip to the past. (StH: #194, #195, #196, #215, #216, SU: #5)

During a training session on how to use the energies of the Time Stones, Mogul and Silver both sensed a visitor arriving from another time and zone. As Silver was about to depart to confront the intruder, Mogul warned him that he should not be so quick to find conflict and to remember his words on potential and constraint. (SU: #25)

Silver came again after having found the torn remains of Antoine D'Coolette's journal and claimed that he was the traitor. Mogul then told him that the consequences of abusing time travel were too great and that if he went back again he couldn't take the Time Stone with him and could only return after he found the traitor. Silver chose to leave, and after giving him instructions to read only after he foiled the traitor, Mogul sent him into the past with Chronos Control. (StH: #235)


Seemingly reformed, Mogul no longer seems to boast his usual arrogance and megalomania, as he was humble, respectful yet strict towards Silver while conversing with him. His memories of the past-notably Sonic's time period-are apparently hazy, due to Silver's alterations to history and possibly his own advance age.


Mogul is a mammoth with brown fur and blue eyes. For reasons unknown, Mogul has aged slightly in the intervening centuries and is now living in such feeble conditions like wearing ragged clothing.


Mogul appears to retain at least some of the abilities of his Mobius Prime incarnation, including telepathic communication. He also has apparently mastered the power of the Time Stones, and is capable of using them himself and has instructed Silver in their use as well.

Background Information

  • It is uncertain whether or not Mammoth Mogul is reformed or simply manipulating Silver for some as-of-yet unknown (if not sinister) ulterior motive for his own gain, although Edmund has expressed his mistrust of Mogul by calling him a "sad sack of lies". Assuming that his remorse is indeed genuine, it mirrors a similar change that occurred in the Justice League animated series episode "Hereafter" with the character Vandal Savage, whom Mogul bears a number of similarities to.
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