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Mammoth Mogul
Biographical information


  • Ixis Mogul (former name)
Physical description
  • Wizard robes (formerly)
  • White/purple/grey suit (currently wears a white suit)
  • Black shoes
  • Golden rings
  • Wooden cane
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super IQ
  • Teleportation
  • Controlled the Chaos force
  • Telepathic Powers
  • Ixian Magicks
  • Schooled in millennia of history, warfare, magic, and science
Notable Super Forms

Mammoth Mogul, formerly known as Ixis Mogul when he led the Order of Ixis, was an ancient Mobian who was one of the first to be empowered by the Chaos Emeralds, during the Days of Fury. With a Chaos Emerald embedded in his chest, he gained tremendous power and immortality and decided to use his strength to rule Mobius as an enlightened superior lord. However, he has been opposed down through the ages by various powers.


Early Years[]

In his early life Mogul was a primitive Mobian mammoth, dwelling among other prehistoric Mobians around the early Days of Fury following the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds. However, his life was permanently changed when he discovered a Chaos Emerald, which somehow became imbedded in his chest. Mogul soon found that he had gained tremendous power and intellect from this gem, and with his newfound powers he decided to take over the planet. Mogul's rule over Mobius was short lived however, as his cruel leadership sparked rebellions and eventually he was overthrown by the other species of Mobians. Amongst the rebels was a future ally of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Mobie the cave bear. Additionally, having witnessed his abuse of power, the Ancient Walkers placed a curse on his Chaos Emerald to doom his future plans to failure, unbeknownst to Mogul. (SMM, StH: #56, CSE)

Mogul then decided to learn about the secrets of the strange gem that had given him his power. Two hundred years after his dethroning, he focused his efforts on mastering the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and in the process became master over manipulating its energies. Armed with this knowledge, he made another bid for power, founding the Order of Ixis - an elite order of fellow mages trained in the dark arts he himself had discovered and developed. During this time Mogul also apparently crafted the Seven Ixis Masterworks. (StH: #163, CSE)


Mammoth Mogul fighting the Albion Knights during the Forgotten War.

Mogul's second bid for world domination was challenged by the traditionally isolationist Albion Echidnas, whose Albion Knights of Aurora fought against the Order of Ixis. This led to a massive global conflict which came to be known as the Forgotten War. The war proved devastating, leading to the creation of the Mutates, the rise of the second Enerjak, and possibly resulting in the Days of Fury. It grew to the point that Mogul feared all of Mobius would be ravaged, and contemplated a means by which he could somehow bind the Albion Knights to his will. This led him to develop the Eldritch Rites. His musings were interrupted when one of his Four Elite, Ixis Vale, arrived with the report that the Albion Knights had resorted to committing crimes against nature in the hopes of defeating the Ixians. With all his followers believed destroyed, Mogul disappeared once more, traveling and gaining knowledge under assumed names while biding his time until he had an opportunity to conquer Mobius once more. (StH: #163, SU: #43, CSE)


Mogul resurfaced again in the modern age and began to lay plans for domination. One of his first objectives was the recruitment of new followers to serve as his elite vanguard. While journeying through the Great Jungle, he observed a Gorilla named Simon Simian as he waged an impressive one-man assault against a base of Dr. Robotnik, inflicting heavy damage. As the young warrior was overwhelmed by SWATbots and facing death, Mogul intervened, saving Simon with his powers. When Simon awoke, Mogul complimented him on his earlier display and offered him the opportunity to gain more power while in his service, to which the Gorilla agreed. Continuing in his travels, Mogul entered a bazarr one day, where Jet the Hawk attempted to sell a heavily overpriced artifact to him. Mogul agreed to pay Jet's price, but only if another member of his team, Predator Hawk, would work for him. Seeing Predator's potential as a living weapon, Mogul appealed to the hawk's sense of purpose by providing him with live targets to hunt, and easily gained a second loyal servant. Later, he would also find the Raiju exile, Lightning Lynx, and an escaped psychopath from Mercia named Flying Frog, and recruit them to his cause as well, creating the first generation of his enforcer group, the Fearsome Foursome. (SU: #30, #31)

Some time during his travels in Mercia, Mogul also came across a young Mighty the Armadillo. Distraught from having his parents and sister taken (due to his parents being thieves) and wanting to save them, Mogul listened sympathetically to Mighty's plight and gave him incredible strength to do so. At the same time, he also placed a post-hypnotic mark on Mighty to be activated at a later time when Mogul would need it the most, and then let him go. Mogul continued to perform this act as he journeyed on, creating numerous unwitting telepathic bonds. (StH: #185)

His first attempt at gaining even greater power began years later with the theft of the Chaos Emerald that served as the power supply for Angel Island. He and his Fearsome Foursome minions briefly engaged the Chaotix only to be driven off, since Mogul was apparently not at the peak of his powers. Calculating that the direct approach would be doomed to failure if attempted again, Mogul used his powers of illusion to pit the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters against each other by scrambling their transmissions and disguising his Fearsome Foursome as members of both groups until Sally Acorn and Archimedes the Fire Ant saw through the inconsistencies of his deception. Mogul was then forced to fight their combined strength for possession of the Sword of Acorns, which proved to be a difficult challenge as the sword enhanced his powers, and forced Archimedes to bring one of Angel Island's Chaos Emeralds into proximity of Mogul's, causing a explosion from the overlapping energies. Duping them into believing he was dead and tricking the heroes with a false copy of the blade, Mogul retreated to lie low until he commenced the next phase of his intricate plot while the Foursome were arrested. (SMM, SSS: #1)


Mammoth Mogul trapped in the newly created Master Emerald.

The Sword of Acorns and Master Mogul[]

The second phase of Mogul's plan began when he freed Knuckles' ancestor Dimitri - who at that time went by the alias of Enerjak - from his exile in space and returned him to Mobius. During Enerjak's attack on Echidnaopolis, Mogul used the true Sword of Acorns to steal the power of eleven Chaos Emeralds that fueled Enerjak, gaining the practically nigh-omnipotent might of twelve Chaos Emeralds, while leaving Dimitri to die and sent Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails away into a pocket zone. He then underwent a super transformation into Master Mogul and claimed once again to be Mobius's ruler with plans to use the Triple Threat as new enforcers for his reign of terror. Despite his newfound strength, Mogul found himself challenged by the combined forces of Super Sonic, Turbo Tails, Hyper Knuckles, the Brotherhood of Guardians, the Ancient Walkers and Athair, forcing him to attempt to drain the power from the remaining two Chaos Emeralds on the island in a last ditch attempt to gain the upper hand. Despite successfully absorbing the energies of the other Chaos Emeralds, the Guardians Locke and Sabre used their own command of the Chaos Force to invert the power flow, and trapped Mammoth Mogul within the newly created Master Emerald, which was comprised of the 14 Chaos Emeralds Mogul had absorbed. Knuckles expressed his concerns about this, but could do nothing about it. (StH: #56, KtE: #9)

For the most part Mogul was unable to act while trapped, though he did manage to reach out and make contact with Mina Mongoose with an astral form. Sensing that she would one day be of importance to Sonic, Mogul granted her super speed and marked her with a hex that would enable him to control her at a future time. Mogul then erased her memory of the entire event and left Mina alone to discover her power for herself. (StH: #185, CSE)

Escape From The Master Emerald[]


Mogul uses Turbo Tails to rejuvenate himself.

Escaping when Dr. Eggman shattered the Master Emerald to feed Chaos, Mogul used the last embers of his power to mortally wound the Ancient Walkers before going in search of Tails, hoping to use the Chosen One's power to restore himself. After some time, Mogul captured Turbo Tails while he was being transported by Merlin Prower to fight Chaos Knuckles, and created an exact duplicate to replace him. Over the next few weeks, the ancient Mobian slowly sapped Turbo Tails' energy to regain his strength and placed a post-hypontic marks on him as well. Eventually he was discovered by the duplicate and Sonic and chased off, freeing Tails and causing the duplicate to disappear. (StH: #79, #94, #114, #185)

Still lacking the power he desired, Mogul went on to lure Chaos Knuckles into a trap. Threatening to cut off the dying Dimitri's life support if he did not capitulate, Chaos Knuckles still refused, threatening to defeat Mogul with his limitless chaos powers. After turning off Dimitri's life support in order to spark a response from Chaos Knuckles, Mogul also activated a room-sized Chaos Syphon. Chaos Knuckles managed to save Dimitri's life using his powers before they were stolen, though he ultimately perished while Mogul regained much of his former power, but also disappeared. (StH: #117, #118)

When Knuckles returned from the afterlife to aid in the battle with the Xorda, it caused an imbalance in the Chaos Force that allowed Mogul to seize complete control of it, becoming seemingly omnipotent once more. Using his revitalized power, Mogul transformed into Master Mogul a second time. He once again used his powers to wound the Ancient Walkers before waging a war against the entire multiverse. This time, Mogul was challenged by an army of multi-dimensional Tails counterparts, but was not brought down until Tails merged with them to become the colossal Titan Tails. Reduced once more to his original power level, he was imprisoned within his own Chaos Emerald. (StH: #125, #149, #150, CSE)

The Darkest Storm[]


Mammoth Mogul takes command of Naugus, the Destructix and the Arachne during the Darkest Storm

Mammoth Mogul made his return when the children of Arachne used the Sword of Acorns to cause a dimensional rift leading to the Zone of Silence in the Egg Grape Chambers, killing the Ancient Walkers and breaking their curse on Mogul's Emerald, while at the same time sending all previous prisoners of the chamber to the Zone. At the time, the gem was in Knothole, having been brought there as part of a plan to restore the Walkers' health and keep the villain imprisoned using the Artifacts of Acorn. With the curse gone, Mogul was able to free himself while Tails' uncle, the powerful wizard Merlin Prower was holding his emerald.(StH: #162)

Despite not being at the peak of his power, Mogul quickly struck Merlin and the Freedom Fighters down and absorbed his emerald once more. After stealing the Crown of Acorns, he liberated the Destructix from jail to serve as his minions. To everyone's surprise, Mogul was temporarily halted by none other than Ixis Naugus, who hoped to take the crown and further amplify his own powers, while the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix joined in the fray. Very quickly, however, Naugus proved no match for Mogul. Naugus, noticing they used similar magic, questioned Mogul's past, who revealed to Naugus his role in the foundation of the Order of Ixis. In a terrible twist of fate for the heroes, Naugus acknowledged Mammoth Mogul's superiority and pledged himself to Mogul's teachings. This granted Mogul control of both the Sword and Crown of Acorns and Naugus' minions, the Arachne. (StH: #163)

Restarting the battle, Mogul became locked in a contest of swordplay with Sir Connery, Paladin of the Ancient Walkers, who channeled his spiritual energy and life force through his Sword of Light to destroy the artifacts of Acorn, vanquishing the corrupted Source of All and diminishing Mogul's power at the cost of his own life. Despite this setback, Mogul prepared to continue the fight, only to come under attack from Dr. Eggman's Egg Fleet. Using weapons specially tailored to affect Chaos energy, Robotnik managed to imprison Mogul, Naugus and their minions in a set of Egg Grape Chambers. (StH: #164)

The Destructix were subsequently liberated by former Dark Legion scientist Dr. Finitevus, Rouge the Bat, and Scourge the Hedgehog, though by that time Mogul had already given up on the Arachne. Some time later, A.D.A.M. would release Mogul and Naugus from the Egg Grapes, though not before forcing Mogul to tell him the legends of the Chosen One and the Great Harmony. Mogul and Naugus served as distractions for Shadow the Hedgehog, who was sent out to track them down until A.D.A.M. was ready to capture him for use in his own plans. (StH: #165, #169)

Arrest, Captive & Escape[]

Some time later, Mogul was lured into a sting operation by Rouge the Bat, who had spread word that she had stolen the Master Emerald and was auctioning off the powerful gem. Rouge was surprised to learn of his escape, having believed him still imprisoned in the Egg Grapes, prompting Mogul to reveal that A.D.A.M. had freed him in exchange for his Chaos Emerald. He also revealed that with the Destructix freed, he had been forced to use Naugus as a shield against the Egg Grapes, reducing his former acolyte to a mindless animal. Despite his claims of still being a formidable opponent despite lacking the power of his Emerald, he was still easily defeated by the Freedom Fighters and taken into custody along with Naugus, Nack the Weasel, Bark the Polar Bear, and Bean the Dynamite. (StH: #173)

Mogul and company were then further incarcerated by Eggman when his Egg Fleet launched an assault on Knothole, being among the hundreds captured and sent to the Egg Grapes. They were promptly released along with the others when Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and NICOLE launched a rescue mission following the attack, and were then transported to New Mobotropolis along with the others. Not at all repentant, he and Naugus-together with his new minions Nack, Bark, and Bean-demanded to be given control of New Mobotropolis, proclaiming that his rule was preferable to being forced to deal with both him and the approaching Egg Fleet. Unfortunately for his scheme, NICOLE had designed the city in preparation for his return, and Mogul's new alliance was transported to a new prison only moments after being brought to the city. (StH: #175, #176, #177)

Despite this setback, Mogul remained confident, mockingly addressing both Elias Acorn and Amadeus Prower during the king's visit to the imprisoned general and just prior to Amadeus' outbreak. He also joined the other prisoners in watching the battle between Sonic and Tails, betting on Sonic because "he always wins," only for the two to resolve their dispute peacefully (StH: #178, #179)

After the second Enerjak was defeated, Mogul invited Sonic to his cell, where he demanded that Sonic release him or suffer the wrath of his new Fearsome Foursome. Mistaking the new group for Mogul's fellow prisoners, Sonic laughed it off, but didn't suspect the truth. Using what little power he had left, Mogul took control of Mighty, Mina, and Tails through the marks he left on them and forced them to attack Sonic so that he could convince the Hero of Mobius to become the fourth member of the new Fearsome Foursome. (StH: #184, #185)


Mogul escapes confinement with the gray Chaos Emerald.

Sonic was able to overpower them, however, so Mogul switched tactics. He sent each of the three into a potentially suicidal situation: Mina ran out on the ocean, where she would stop and then drown; Tails flew into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, where he would pass out and fall to the ground; and Mighty was sent on a suicide run into New Megaopolis, not even making an effort to resist Robotnik's forces. With no other choice, Sonic gave in to Mogul's demands, bringing him a recently retrieved Chaos Emerald that Mogul then used to free himself and his minions. Mogul then revealed his newest plan: using his regained immortality to wait Sonic out. Having been defeated by Sonic time and again, Mogul had finally realized that no matter how much power he may obtain, fate will always intervene and give Sonic a way to beat him, so he merely decided to limit himself to the occasional small assault and wait to continue his plans to conquer Mobius until Sonic was either dead or too old to oppose him. With that, he and his minions vanished, teleporting away. (StH: #186)

New Agenda[]

When next seen, Mogul had taken over a casino once owned by Robotnik and established it as his own, hiring old Badniks as his staff. He had also taken over the Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill as his casino's kitchen, and his newest "business associates" included not only his fellow escaped prisoners but also the Destructix, who had left Dr. Finitevus. For his first new plan, Mogul directed Bark and Bean to steal Sonic's shoes, and sent the Destructix and Nack along to make sure that the job got done. They ended up capturing Sonic and bringing him back to the casino, where he was soon rescued by Sally, Amy Rose, Geoffrey St. John, and Rouge the Bat, the former two coming after Sally escaped Nack and the latter two having already been investigating Mogul's activities. Freed, Sonic confronted Mogul over the incident, only for Mogul to play the wounded party, claiming that Sonic was just trying to discredit him and pointing out that the good guys had no proof to back up their claims. Defeated, the heroes left with a new idea of one of Mogul's goals: to discredit his enemies while remaining innocent in the public eye. (StH: #187, #188)

Mogul continued to keep himself involved as an entrepreneur over the next few months, until one dark and stormy day when Geoffrey St. John barged into his office, brandishing a purple Chaos Emerald. Unmoved but wary, Mogul plainly pointed out he was no longer involved with direct villainy and could not be swayed even with another Emerald, until Geoffrey explained he planned to restore Ixis Naugus with it. While Mogul was amused at the idea of losing Naugus as his pet and gaining a threat to his power, St. John pointed out he was too powerful to be challenged, but the idea of making Sonic miserable with Naugus' return was all Mogul needed to hear to let St. John have his way. Once Naugus' mind was restored, Mogul watched with amusement as Geoffrey revealed himself to be a sleeper agent apprenticed under Naugus and argued over his usefulness during the wizard's absence. As Naugus mentioned Mogul had much to answer for his treatment, he merely pointed out it would be at another time, and Naugus took his leave with St. John to prepare for Sonic. When Geoffrey mentioned how he shot the hedgehog in the back though, both Mogul and Naugus took great delight at the thought, and burst into a tremendous uproar of laughter. Master and apprentice soon departed, leaving Mogul to his rapidly growing fortune-already large due to centuries of accumulation-and his double life as a seemingly legitimate businessman and underworld power. (StH: #219, #220, CSE)


After one of the original members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters caused great destruction across Mobius, Mogul found and raised a young Mobian of extraordinary power named Silver the Hedgehog. He taught him how to control his powers of psychokinesis and telepathy and of the Freedom Fighter traitor and his plan to eliminate him and fix their time so Silver could become a Knight of Kronos. Silver has repeatedly gone back in time to accomplish this, going after Sonic the Hedgehog himself on Moebius, going to the Light Mobius zone to save King Sonic and traveling to the Northern Tundra to eliminate Rotor Walrus, but with no sign of the traitor. After this last trip in time, Mogul asked for Silver to come to him for not seeking his permission before journeying back. When Silver arrived, Mogul simply asked him to prepare dinner for them and then talk about his trip to the past. (StH: #194, #195, #196, #215, #216, SU: #5)

During a training session on how to use the energies of the Time Stones, Mogul and Silver both sensed a visitor arriving from another time and zone. As Silver was about to depart to confront the intruder, Mogul warned him that he should not be so quick to find conflict and to remember his words on potential and constraint. (SU: #25)

Silver came again after having found the torn remains of Antoine D'Coolette's journal and claimed that he was the traitor. Mogul then told him that the consequences of abusing time travel were too great and that if he went back again he couldn't take the Time Stone with him and could only return after he found the traitor. Silver chose to leave, and after giving him instructions to read only after he foiled the traitor, Mogul sent him into the past with Chronos Control. (StH: #235)


Mammoth Mogul

Mogul using his powers.

Thanks to the Chaos Emerald embedded in his chest, Mogul commands Chaos Energy. In order to achieve mastery of this force, he formed the Order of Ixis. As a result, he can also use Ixis Magicks on an even higher level than Ixis Naugus. For example, Mogul does not apparently require the willing submission of another being in order to cast spells of crystallization or possession on them as Naugus does. Thanks to these abilities, Mogul is capable of warping reality on a massive scale. Like Shadow the Hedgehog, he is unable to age as a result to tapping into his Chaos Emerald making him immortal, or rather, ageless. The loss of his Chaos Emerald greatly reduced Mogul's strength, making him a far less dangerous opponent; as of recent events, Mogul's powers have been restored upon taking possession of the grey Chaos Emerald.

Mammoth Mogul is also one of the few villains with his own super form. When charged with immense amounts of power, he can become Master Mogul. This has happened on various occasions, the first time being when he used the Sword of Acorns to drain the powers of Enerjak, thus giving himself the power of 12 Chaos Emeralds. During this time he displayed powers beyond the super forms of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, able to accomplish feats such telekinetically moving Angel Island. Later, Mammoth Mogul absorbed the power of Chaos Knuckles, and thanks to that was able to assume complete command of the Chaos Force. In his second appearance, Mogul had the power to crush entire universes with his bare hands.

Being a mammoth, Mogul is also stronger than the average Mobian, which is only enhanced by his powers, though as he has never taken part in physical fight so exact level of strength is unknown. However, Mogul's most dangerous "muscle" is his brain; as a genius of caliber equal or greater to Dimitri and Doctor Eggman, Mammoth Mogul poses a threat to anyone he pits himself against. Mogul's mental prowess is demonstrated to deadly effect through his numerous mental abilities, such as telepathy or creating illusions (the latter of which he once used to trick the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters into attacking each other.) For a time, these powers were greatly diminished by the loss of his Chaos Emerald, to the point where he could no longer affect anyone but beings who had already been affected by those abilities, which are marked by a green diamond shape on their foreheads, though it is likely that he can now affect anyone with his psychic powers now that he has a new Emerald.

In Silver's future, he also has apparently mastered the power of the Time Stones, and is capable of using them himself and has instructed Silver in their use as well


Egotistical to a fault, Mogul sees himself as the end all of intelligence and power. While not obsessed with himself, he sees all other entities as lower forms of life, useful only as pawns in his schemes for power. Mogul also cares nothing for such pawns, and is perfectly willing to kill them to achieve what he wants. Combined with a total lack of care for any of his minions, this makes working for him unappealing, and only his sheer power and the benefits he offers hold the loyalty of those who serve him. He thinks himself infallible, and always refuses to believe that he can be defeated even when the odds are clearly against him. Even when imprisoned, he refuses to admit defeat, and is always ready with a taunt for his enemies. At the same time, Mogul is courteous and cultured-for a villain, anyway. Mogul's immortality has also given him a great degree of patience. Since time is one of the things he always has, he is not prone to brash decisions that could be carefully waited for a more opportune moment, or when things will turn more in his favor. He is also well known for being overly verbose, which Sonic has commented on many times.

Despite his ego, Mogul is shown to on rare occasions be able to have respect for others, such as complimenting Tails when speaking to Amadeus.

In Silver's future, seemingly reformed, Mogul no longer seems to boast his usual arrogance and megalomania, as he was humble, respectful yet strict towards Silver while conversing with him. His memories of the past-notably Sonic's time period-are apparently hazy, due to Silver's alterations to history and possibly his own advance age.


Mammoth Mogul profile

Mammoth Mogul appears as a large, brown-furred Mammoth with dark green eyes, which previously appeared black. Mogul's attire has varied throughout his history, beginning with a fur toga during his early life. He subsequently adopted a hooded robe while operating as leader of the Order of Ixis, and was seen in other historical attire in flashbacks. When transformed into Master Mogul, his attire has consisted of a suit of armor with a cape: gold armor with red upon his first transformation, and all green in the second.

The modern Mogul consistently wears double-breasted suits that usually come in either white, gray, or purple. He has been seen with and without shirts underneath the suit coat, and typically wears black shoes. Unlike many Mobians, he doesn't typically wear gloves, but several of his fingers are adorned with rings. Mogul is also known to carry a cane, though it seems to serve as a weapon or accessory rather than as a means of supporting himself.

In Silver's future, for reasons unknown, Mogul has aged slightly in the intervening centuries and is now living in such feeble conditions like wearing ragged clothing.

Background Information[]

  • Mogul seems to be heavily derived from the Marvel Comics and DC villains, Kingpin and Lex Luthor respectfully: Both wear fancy, upper-class clothing, both have tremendous assets at their disposal, both consider themselves highly cultured, both are masterminds when it comes to planing an attack on their enemies, and, recently in Mogul's case, both take great efforts to make themselves untouchable by the law. His claim as a reformed legitimate business man is also similar to the DCAU version of the Penguin.
  • His origin and history are also somewhat similar to that of DC villain Vandal Savage: both achieved "immortality" after coming in contact with a meteorite, both have played significant roles throughout history, and both are out to achieve world domination. His former power over an army of magic users makes him a counterpart to dark wizards like Lord Voldermort from the Harry Potter series. His brief relationship with Ixis Naugus-an acolyte whom he ended up betraying for his own benefit-is reminiscent of the Star Wars character Darth Sidious and his relationships with his various apprentices. His future self is also similar to the future self of Vandal Savage.
  • Mogul served as the inspiration for Mog the Troll in a fairy tale told by Rosie to Rory, Snaggle, and Sasha.
  • Given Dr. Eggman's capture of the gray Chaos Emerald in the altered realities created by Operation: Clean Sweep, it is likely that Mogul either doesn't exist in these realities or lost possession of his Emerald. Considering that a Genesis Wave created using a single Chaos Emerald can't outright erase individuals from existence, the latter seems more likely.
  • Mogul is the first Archie exclusive character-unless you count Mecha Sonic, who is a Robian version of Sonic-to have appeared on the cover of one of the Sonic Select volumes, namely volume 3.
  • Mogul's role as a casino owner who holds the allegiance of the Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad seems to have been taken over in the new reality by Breezie the Hedgehog.
  • It is uncertain whether or not Mammoth Mogul is reformed in 3437 P.X.E. or simply manipulating Silver for some ulterior motive for his own gain, although Edmund has expressed his mistrust of Mogul by calling him a "sad sack of lies". Assuming that his remorse is indeed genuine, it mirrors a similar change that occurred in the Justice League animated series episode "Hereafter" with the character Vandal Savage, whom Mogul bears a number of similarities to.

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