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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Znively at prisoner processing.

Major Znively is the No Zone counterpart of Snively Robotnik. He works in the Zone Jail under Warden Zobotnik and appears to be in charge of processing, security, and general functions of the prison. (SU: #29)

One evening, just days after the Destructix were imprisoned, Znively was in charge of the cell block's command center when it was stormed by Flying Frog, Lightning Lynx, and Fiona Fox. While the Major and his guards were subdued by Flying and Lightning, Fiona released the prisoners and altered the gravity to start a riot before destroying the control stations and escaping into the chaos. Znively then alerted the Warden to the situation in the prison, including the deactivation of the Destructix's Control Collars, and went on to advise they would need heavy backup. After the situation was contained and the Destructix escaped with Scourge, Znively met with the Warden and gave him an assessment of the prison's status and it's populace before being dismissed. (SU: #31, #32)

Background Information[]

  • It is possible that, like his alternate version, Snively Robotnik, he is related to Warden Zobotnik. If this is true, his last name would most likely also be Zobotnik.