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M'egga Man
M'egga Man
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M'egga Man was an evil version of Mega Man, turned into a Roboticized Master by both Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily on the orders of Sigma.


Two Worlds United, Two Heroes Corrupted[]

M'egga Man fights Freedom Fighters

M'egga Man fighting the Freedom Fighters.

Mega Man was captured by members of the Deadly Six while on a supply run for Light Labs, and taken to Sigma-1's base on the Lost Hex in the Mobius universe. Along with fellow captive Sonic the Hedgehog, he was transformed into a member of the Roboticized Masters. M'egga Man was then dispatched to Mobotropolis to set up one of Sigma's Unity Engines. This led to a confrontation between him and the Knothole Freedom Fighters, as Antoine and Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette, Amy Rose, and Tails tried to stop him. They were eventually joined by Knuckles the Echidna, Big the Cat, Sally Acorn, Cream the Rabbit, and Rotor Walrus, but M'egga Man proved to be a match for them all. The powerful robot Gemerl was also called in, but proved to be no match for M'egga Man's weaponry. M'egga Man was thus able to set up his Unity Engine, and the resulting link between Mobius and Earth 20XX saw him brought face to face with Sonic Man. It was at this point that secondary programming installed by Eggman and Wily was activated, causing the two corrupted heroes to target each other. (SU: #76; SB: #8; StH: #273)


The two Roboticized Masters continued to do battle while their worlds were merged together by the Unity Engines while the Freedom Fighters and Wily's Robot Masters looked on. Eventually they accomplished the task the doctors intended for them, each restoring the other to his previous form. (MM: #50)


M'egga Man retains Mega Man's Mega Buster and is also equipped with various weapons apparently derived from Dr. Eggman's technology. He is able to generate these weapons from the barrel of the buster. These include the Egg Wrecker, a massive checkered wrecking ball, and the Egg Hammer Mk. 5, an energy hammer apparently strong enough to match the Piko Piko Hammer. M'egga Man is also capable of firing the mighty Egg Laser, and can generate Egg Bumpers capable of deflecting Bunnie's laser canon. Additional weapons in his arsenal include the Egg Flame Cannon, which fires rounds of highly explosive fireballs; the Egg Bubble Trap, which traps its victims within its highly-concentrated bubble interiors; the Egg Drill Launcher, a cannon which fires drills like a missile; and the Egg Decoy Barrier, a series of egg-like devices which surround the user and inflate into decoys when popped.

Along with his counterpart, Sonic Man, M'egga Man is arguably the most powerful Roboticized Master, single-handedly defeating the all of the Freedom Fighters (minus Cream, Cheese, and Sonic), Knuckles, and Gemerl without too much difficulty. Besides his broad arsenal, he is also physically very strong with equally high endurance to match. For example, he stunned Knuckles with a single Egg Bumper-enhanced punch, survived-and quickly recovered from-being squished under Big, and even blocked a direct hit from Gemerl's Spin Dash. His only equal in combat was Sonic Man.


M'egga Man has a number of design differences than his normal counterpart. Firstly, his helmet has been altered and given a more Eggman-ish design, featuring what appears to be one of the Egg Pawn designs on his helmet, and has a green gem placed onto his helmet as well. He also has gold lines across his torso, making his armor look more like the outfit of an Egg Boss, along with having his colour scheme altered to Dark Blue and Black from his normal light blue. His Mega Buster has also been altered to a golden design, and his eyes have been altered to black and white, rather than his normal blue and white eyes.

Background Information[]

  • Mega Man was once reprogrammed before during the Return of Dr. Wily arc in Archie Mega Man but here, it appears to be an Eggman reprogramming, considering that Mega Man's appearance is altered to look more like an Eggman minion. Flash Man acknowledged this in Mega Man #50.
  • M'egga Man is considered to be a member of the Roboticized Masters but is a very unusual member in that he has always been a robot. It has also been noted that in all previous cases using Roboticization on a robot leads to the destruction of said robot, but this obviously did not apply to M'egga Man.
    • M'egga Man is the only non-Sonic character in the group.