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Original Continuity

Lupe the Wolf
Biographical information


Physical description
  • Blue bodysuit
  • Gold wrist bands
  • Blue sandals
  • Blue leg straps
  • Feathered headdress (ceremonial attire)
  • Feathered skirt (ceremonial attire)
  • Red cape (ceremonial attire)
  • Jewelery (ceremonial attire)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Combat skills
  • Leadership skills

Grand Chief Lupe Wolf was the former leader of the Wolf Pack and leader of the Wolf Pack Nation, known for her compassion and willingness to fight for the cause. Lupe had the Wolf Pack join the Knothole Freedom Fighters in their mission against Dr. Ivo Robotnik during Operation: EndGame. Following this Lupe lead the Pack on a journey to find their original home, feeling they did not belong in Mobotropolis. While travelling, the Wolf Pack discovered twin Overlander sisters, who Lupe made part of the Pack. Upon arriving in the ruins of their old city, the Pack was captured by the Robian Sir Charles Hedgehog. In order to prevent her already roboticized husband and children from being dismantled, Lupe voluntarily underwent roboticization. Some time later Lupe and the rest of the Robians were de-roboticized by the Bem, after which she united her people in order to form a new nation, while establishing a fragile peace with their ancestral Felidae enemies.


Early History[]

Lupe left her home to protect the freedom of their people during the invasion of Dr. Ivo Robotnik following his successful military coup, while her husband Lobo stayed back to watch their children Marcos and Maria. Lupe was forced to eventually leave her home with what they believed may have been the last surviving wolves, which formed the Wolf Pack. Some time later, she accepted help from Sonic, Sally and Antoine in destroying a Waste Pod, beginning a friendship between the Wolf Pack and the Knothole Freedom Fighters. (StH: #67, #113)

Pack Leader[]

The Wolf Pack eventually came across the Freedom Fighters again after a mission in Robotropolis. One member of the pack, Drago showed distrust of Sir Charles Hedgehog, on the grounds that the latter was a Robian, and tempers began to flare all around. Lupe retaliated with her own suspicions, accusing Drago of shirking his duties. Lupe led the Wolf Pack to join up with the Knothole Freedom Fighters some time later in an assault on Robotropolis, supplying cover fire when Bunnie attempted to rescue Sally after the princess fell to her supposed death. Unknown to the rest of the Pack, Drago had turned traitor and had participated in the scheme to kill Sally. Following the death of Robotnik, Lupe realized the Wolf Pack would not feel right settling in Knothole, and thus lead the Pack on a journey to their former home. During their journey, the Wolf Pack discovered a pair of Overlander children in a destroyed and long-abandoned Overlander city - Aerial and Athena. Lupe decided they would be no better than the Overlanders they used to fight against if they left the children to die, and thus took them in as her own children. (StH: #46, #67, #68, #69)


When the Wolf Pack arrived in the remains of their old city, they soon found themselves ambushed by a tranquilizing missile. When they awoke, Lupe was horrified at the sight of her husband and children roboticized. Unable to control her anger, she attempted to attack the one responsible for it - Sir Charles Hedgehog, who had recently lost his free will once again upon Dr. Eggman's coming to Mobius Prime. When Sir Charles threatened to have her husband and children dismantled, Lupe allowed herself to be roboticized. However, moments after the process had finished, Lupe had managed to maintain a small level of her free will, using it to attack the Shadowbots and Sir Charles, allowing the remainder of the Wolf Pack to escape. After that, she succumbed to the free will-removing effects of the roboticizer and stayed behind in Robotropolis, while a symbolic grave was erected in her name by the Pack. (SSS: #11)



Lupe helping Chuck forgive himself for roboticizing her family

Lupe, along with her husband and children eventually had their free will restored along with the other Robians in Robotropolis when Sally used the Sword of Acorns' power on them. Weeks later, Lupe and her family paid a visit to Sir Charles, whose free will had also been restored. Realizing he held himself responsible for her roboticization despite his lack of free will at the time, Lupe helped Sir Charles to forgive himself. (StH: #100, #112)

Not long afterwards, the alien race known as the Bem came to Mobius and de-roboticized nearly all of the Robians, Lupe and her family included. Following this, Lupe gave the title of the chief of the pack to Lobo and was reunited with the Wolf Pack, bringing her husband and two children along. They resumed traveling and were later seen running from the massively growing nanite city when A.D.A.M. caused it to grow rapidly. They managed to escape the vicinity before falling victim to the nanites. (StH: #123, #152)

Chief of State[]

It was later revealed that, after their people had been scattered and their city destroyed, Lupe had relocated the wolves to their ancestral home in the southern hemisphere, forming the Wolf Pack Nation. As per the people's desire, she became the nation's Grand Chief. Despite some friction with the Felidae of the neighbouring Mysterious Cat Country, Lupe successfully governed the new nation and happily raised her family there. Sonic and Sally were invited to the region to be inducted as honorary members of the Wolf Pack, but when they arrived, Lupe informed them that the sacred artifact needed for the ceremony, the Ancient Onyx, had gone missing. When it was revealed that the Felidae were also looking for the Ancient Onyx, Sally asked Lupe for permission to investigate the matter as a neutral party, to which Lupe agreed. However, while Sally was gone and Sonic attempted to negotiate with the Felidae, Lupe lead several of her pack's warriors into their territory, armed for battle. (StH: #213)


Lupe ready to declare war

Upon arrival, Lupe explained to Sonic that they came because they had gotten worried for Sally and himself after so long. Assuming the absent Sally to be safe, she then demanded the Felidae return the Ancient Onyx, only for Queen Hathor to accuse the Wolves of stealing it. Their argument soon degenerated into petty squabbles over territorial boundaries and various offenses each had committed against the other. All the while, Big obstructed them from coming to blows while Sonic reasoned things out. Finally, the hedgehog asked Lupe if her people had encountered any Eggman Empire robots upon their arrival, which Lupe confirmed as well as their destruction via both her people and the Felidae. After questioning Hathor, Sonic asked Lupe if she would stand down and follow him, and then had the Felidae Queen lead them both to the Mystic Ruins. Once there, they discovered a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion whom Lupe quickly had her warriors attack, just to find the group was composed of former members of the Wolf Pack Nation who had gone missing after the mass deroboticization and remained unaccounted for after the resettlement, in addition to numerous exiled Felidae. (StH: #214)

After the group was driven off, Lupe called a halt to the attack, knowing that her small force was unprepared for a drawn out conflict with the Legion. Sally then arrived with the Ancient Onyx, having been rescued from Grandmasters Drago Wolf and Razorklaw, and then spoke to both groups about how they had come together to defeat a common foe. The two rulers then agreed to an uneasy peace, leaving the Ancient Onyx in the Mystic Ruins-in Felidae territory-and putting the Wolves in charge of retrieving it for special occasions. Lupe then welcomed Sonic, Sally, and Big into the Nation with grand ceremony, their hands on the recovered Onyx. (StH: #214)

In the few months following the tenuous truce with the Felidae, Grand Chief Lupe set about maintaining the internal affairs of her own nation. As she prepared for a council meeting with the pack chieftains later one day, she became aware of someone entering her chambers, believing to have recognized the figure as Princess Sally. Her surpise turned to shock and horror as she found herself being captured by Mecha Sally instead, and forced to come quietly or risk the lives of her family. Lupe was then taken to the Legion's Shazamazon Temple base, where Queen Hathor soon joined her as a fellow prisoner. While held in the same cell, Lupe explained to the Queen what had likely happened to Sally and described her own experience as a Robian. (StH: #237)

The two realized their absences would likely cause their people to attack each other, and Lupe opted to boost Hathor up to an air vent so she could escape to get help. The Queen was reluctant at first, as it meant removing her robes and losing her station to lead the Felidae, but Lupe convinced her it would be a worthy sacrifice to save their nations, just as the Grand Chief said of her sacrifice to face Roboticization once more. Once Hathor escaped, Lupe was brought before Eggman and strapped to an examination table while he reviewed her recent progress. When he mentioned Lupe probably would be immune to being roboticized again, she demanded her release, only for Eggman to reveal he had a backup plan and was ready to Legionize her instead. (StH: #237)

Before Eggman could go through with his plan, however, an alarm went off announcing the incoming Team Fighters, who were accompanied by Hathor and Lupe's former teammates Leeta and Lyco. Musing that Sonic's arrival coupled with the Death Egg's poor condition were a prelude to Eggman's defeat, Lupe watched smugly as the doctor left to oversee launch preparations while leaving her under guard. The incoming team split up, and Lyco and Hathor came to rescue Lupe, whom they found being taunted by Drago Wolf, one of the Legion Grandmasters, who was wearing Hathor's robe. He boasted that he would rule half the continent once Eggman conquered it, but Lupe berated his stupidity, reminding him of Eggman's sick delight in seeing loved ones turned against each other and leaders turned against nations. She asked him what he thought would happen after she was Legionized, and Drago mused that Eggman would probably turn her over to him to serve as his Kommissar. Lupe accosted him, pointing out that it would be far wise and more debilitating to the Wolf Pack if she were made Grandmaster in Drago's place, meaning that he would be demoted-or worse.

After being rescued, Lupe congratulated Leeta and Lyco on their efforts, and then announced that she had received a message from New Mobotropolis. The message would lead to the pair joining the Secret Freedom Fighters at the invitation of Harvey Who. (StH: #238)


Lupe is a calculating and brave warrior with great compassion and a strong sense of morals, making her an effective, fair leader. Despite several hardships, she refuses to sink to the level of those she opposes and is capable of forgiveness. She is prideful and protective of others, having a strong maternal instinct. Despite objections by other members of the Wolf Pack, Lupe ensured that Aerial and Athena were accepted as part of the pack and treated them as her own children. She loves her family and her adopted children, though their bickering causes her more grief than her duties as Grand Chief. She and her people have a low opinion of the Felidae, contrasting greatly with the love and admiration Lupe has in her efforts to form the new Wolf Pack Nation.



Lupe's early design

Lupe is a tall, gray wolf with dark gray hair. Her hair is somewhat spiky and mohawk-like, features a white streak, and is always bound in a braid. Her eyes were initially blue (as they were in SatAM) but later depictions tended towards green. She wears a blue leotard/bodysuit of sorts that ties around the neck with a gold ring. Her wrists and upper arms are adorned with gold cuffs. She wears blue wrap sandals.

While her design is largely the same as that of her SatAM counterpart, there are a few notable differences. In the television show, her sandals are brown rather than blue, and her tail matches the dark gray of her hair rather than that of her body. What was a single scar under her left eye seems to have been misinterpreted as facial markings on both sides. Her gray fur sometimes tends towards violet. She was once miscoloured entirely in browns.

As a Robian, her design was fairly basic, retaining her usual colour scheme; unlike many Robians, her mouth became a series of spikes and her eyes were blank.

As the Grand Chief, she gained elaborate regalia featuring a large feathered headdress and skirt, as well as a long red cape with gold trim; all of this featured elaborate designs and jewels in reds, blues and golds. Later, she entered battle in her usual outfit with the addition of red and gold shoulderpads, a heavy jeweled necklace, a feathered ornament on the left side of her head, and gold bands adorned with blue gems on her legs.

Background Information[]

  • Lupe's name is derived from Lupine, the scientific term for wolf.
  • Lupe's scar in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series is treated as a marking in the Archie Comics and is placed on both cheeks, while in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series it was only on her right cheek and was an injury given to her when Dr. Robotnik first attacked her people. Bizarrely, Lupes introduction seems to contradict this by claiming her and her wolfpack are the same characters from the SatAM.
    • The later adaption of the episode "Cry of the Wolf" would heavily alter scenes and dialogue, presumably to not contradict the above changes (Lupe's line explaining her scar is altered, though she still touches her right cheek marking) or feature elements unique to the show.
  • She is the only member of the Wolf Pack not to have been created by former writer Ken Penders, and the only one not caught up in his legal disputes with Archie Comics and Sega.
  • In the episodes Cry Of The Wolf and The Doomsday Project, Lupe was voiced by Shari Belafonte-Harper, the daughter of Harry Belafonte.
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