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Current Continuity

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Lupe the Wolf
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #46

Biographical information


  • Unnamed father †
  • Gaia Key Guardian


Physical description


  • Eyes: Blue
  • Fur: Grayish purple, white and dark blue
  • Hair: Dark blue with white streaks
  • Facial scar
  • Blue tribal skirt
  • Gold wrist bands
  • Dark purple sandals
  • Dark purple leg straps
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Combat skills

Lupe the Wolf is a Mobian Wolf and ally to the Knothole Freedom Fighters. After being caught up in Doctor Eggman's attack on her village when she was younger, she was inspired by the heroism of Sally Acorn to fight back.


Freedom Fighters Ally

A young Lupe during an Eggman attack.

At some point in the past, Lupe was caught in the invasion of her village by Doctor Eggman's forces. Thankfully, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn and Antoine D'Coolette came to her aid, and their heroism, along with the pain of losing her father, gave her the drive to fight back. (StH: #257, #277)

Later, during the Shattered World Crisis, the Freedom Fighters were surprised to discover that Lupe was one of the many Gaia Key guardians. In their quest to find the keys, they found Lupe in the Thunder Plains Zone along with the Wolf Pack, who were under Super Badnik attack. It wasn't until the attack was over that the heroes learned the badniks had been going after a decoy temple that the Wolf Pack had been guarding. (StH: #272, #277)

Later, Lupe watched Sonic and Sally's broadcast, and decided to aid them in keeping the Egg Army at bay while the Freedom Fighters retored the planet. (StH: #283)



In the new timeline, Lupe's dress has drastically changed. Her bodysuit was replaced with a tribal skirt; while still colored blue, it now has dark lining. She, like the rest of the characters, now wears gloves with golden cuffs. Similar to her original SatAM design, her tail now matches the color of her hair rather than her body fur, her sandals are brown, and the facial markings beneath her eyes have been replaced by a single scar running along her left cheek. Her eyes are also back to their original color.

Background Information

  • Lupe's name is derived from Lupine, the scientific term for wolf.
  • She is the only member of the Wolf Pack not to have been created by former writer Ken Penders, and the only one not caught up in his legal disputes with Archie Comics and Sega.
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