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The re-discovered Lost Temple of Shazamazon

The Lost Temple of Shazamazon is an ancient structure nestled deep in the Great Rainforest. For untold ages it was the resting place for one of the last Super Emeralds on Mobius, placed there by an unknown civilization that may have worshiped it (possibly as a gift from some religious figure for which the Temple was named). Over time, stories of the Temple became scarce and fell into obscurity except to those living in the Great Rainforest. While in self exile, Nate Morgan re-discovered the Temple and the Emerald inside, which he then used to make the Ring of Acorns and left in the Emerald's place before moving on. (StH: #67)

Well over a decade after this, Morgan provided the location of the Temple to Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower as they had need of the Ring of Acorns to power their plane back to Mobotropolis. A labyrinthine building, the Temple had an elaborate and exotic security system which seemed well maintained despite being a ruin. Aside from hidden trip wires, gun ports, trap doors, and concealed lava pits, the Temple was also the resting place of a giant serpent Mutate that seemed to act as a watchdog and attacked once the Ring had been taken. In addition to this, several statues mounted inside the ruin's facade came to life after being activated by a satellite controlled by Dr. Eggman and were revealed to actually be mindless Robians (most likely natives) that came after Sonic with great persistence. The present state of the Temple and the local populace are unknown, but probably have all been de-roboticized by the Bem and left alone by Robotnik, as there are no known useful resources. (StH: #67)

Background Information

  • The name "Shazamazon" is a portmanteau of "Shazam", which has major connections to the DC Comics character Captain Marvel (the wizard that granted Billy Batson his powers, the phrase Billy says to transform and, currently, what he calls himself in comics) and "Amazon", specifically the Amazon Rainforest.
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