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Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 10Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 11Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 12
Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 13Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 14 (Limited/Unreleased Version)Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 2
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Sonicaman: Chaos Ninja TeamSonikSonja-Ra
Sonugh the BoghogSoultouchSoumerca
Soumerca/Pre-SGWSoumerca Dark Egg LegionSoumerca Egg Army
Source of AllSouth IslandSouth Island/Pre-SGW
Southern BaroniesSouthern IslandSouthern Oceans
Southern Oceans Egg ArmySouthern Pyre ClanSouthern Tundra
Space Colony ARKSpace Colony ARK/Pre-SGWSpace Colony ARK (P.X.E.)
Space Colony ARK (Sonic X)SpagoniaSpagonia/Pre-SGW
Spagonia UniversitySparkySpatial Stabilizer
Spatial armbandSpecial ZoneSpecial Zone/Pre-SGW
SpectreSpectre (Dark Mobius)Spectre (Light Mobius)
Speed StarSpeed TeamSpeedy
Speedy/Pre-SGWSpider-KartSpider Troupe
SpikeSpike the PorcupineSpin Dash
SplatsSpot LongSpring Yard Zone
Sprocket ChiefSprocketsStar Light Zone
Star Light Zone/Pre-SGWStar PointerStar Posts
Star Posts/Pre-SGWStardust Speedway ZoneStardust Speedway Zone/Pre-SGW
StarmadaStation SquareStation Square/Pre-SGW
Station Square (Sonic X)Station Square ElementaryStation Square Space Museum
Statue of AypexStealth 'BotStealth the Hedgehog
Stephanie VozzoSteppenwolfSteve Downer
Steven ButlerSteven LisefskiSticks the Badger
Stone Stormlands ZoneStorm (disambiguation)Storm the Albatross
Storm the Albatross/Pre-SGWStormtop VillageStrawberry Fields
Streaking PashaStreet FighterSub-Boss
Substitute Freedom FightersSugunaSummoning Spire
Summoning Spire/Pre-SGWSunset Park ZoneSuper A.D.A.M.
Super Armor Mega ManSuper EmeraldSuper Scourge
Super ShadowSuper Shadow/Pre-SGWSuper Shadow (disambiguation)
Super SilverSuper SonicSuper Sonic/Pre-SGW
Super Sonic (Another Time, Another Place)Super Sonic (Dark Mobius)Super Sonic (Sonic X)
Super Sonic (disambiguation)Super Sonic vs Hyper KnucklesSuper Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad
Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad/Pre-SGWSuper TransformationSuper Transformation/Pre-SGW
Super Warp RingSuppression SquadSuzanne Paddock
Swampy SwampSwashSword of Acorns
Sword of Acorns (Dark Mobius)Sword of LightSword of Michael
TabbyTachyon ChamberTailon
Tails' HouseTails-ZillaTails (Planet Freedom)
Tails (disambiguation)Tails (future version)Tails Doll
Tails Doll/Pre-SGWTails ManTails Miniseries
TailsopTania Del RioTasmanian Devil
Tasmanian RuinsTatianaTeam Chaotix
Team DarkTeam Dark/Pre-SGWTeam Dark (Dark Mobius)
Team Dark (disambiguation)Team FightersTeam Freedom
Team MetalTeam RoseTeam Rose/Pre-SGW
Team SonicTeam SticksTeanchai
Techno Bodyshell BattlesuitTechnolotreeTechnomage
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTeknoTele-Pod
TelecrateTeleporterTemplar Knights of Aurora
Temple of the Golden LotusTemporal DeceleratorTeragosa 6
Teresa DavidsonTeri-LuTermite-Nator
Terry AustinTessTex the Lizard
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