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Nerb KingNerb KingdomNerberhood
NerbsNeuro-Immuno Deficiency SyndromeNeuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome/Pre-SGW
Neuro-OverriderNeuron BombNeutral Zone
NeutralizerNeutralizing MineNeutron Chip
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Oil Ocean ZoneOil Ocean Zone/Pre-SGWOld Megaopolis
Olympic GamesOmega Care UnitOmega Wave
Omochao/Pre-SGWOnyx CityOnyx City Council
Onyx City Science CenterOnyx IslandOpal the Jellyfish
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Operation: Flying DestroyerOperation: Last ResortOperation: Triage
Operation: Triple ThreatOperation: WastelandOracle of Delphius
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Orbot and CubotOrbot and Cubot/Pre-SGWOrbot and Cubot (Another Time, Another Place)
Orbot and Cubot (Sonic Boom)Orbot and Cubot (disambiguation)Order of Ixis
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OvermindOverseerP.B. Jellyfish
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Panini Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 3Panini Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 4Panini Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 5
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Party-Hearty Quadra Sonic Rock 'N' RollerPatch D'CoolettePatrick Spaziante
Paul CastigliaPaul KaminskiPayback Fox
País MisteriosoPearly the Manta RayPell
Penelope PlatypusPenguinatorPercival
Perfect ChaosPerfect Chaos' AttackPerfect Chaos' Attack/Pre-SGW
Perfect Chaos/Pre-SGWPerfect Dark GaiaPerriwinkle
PhagePhil FelixPhil Sheehy
Photon CannonPiko HammerPiko Piko Hammer
Piko Piko Hammer/Pre-SGWPir'Oth IxPiranha
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Prehistoric RotorPrehistoric TailsPrelate-C
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Princess AmyPrincess BeePrincess Elise
Princess Sally MiniseriesPrincess SaraPrincess Undina
PriscillaPrison EggPrison Island
Prison Island/Pre-SGWPrison Island (Sonic X)Professor Charles the Hedgehog
Professor Charles the Hedgehog/Pre-SGWProfessor ClarkeProfessor Egg
Professor PickleProfessor Von SchlemmerProject Enerjak: Reborn
Project Metal SnivelyProject ShadowProject Shadow/Pre-SGW
Prophecy of the Ancient WalkersProto ManProton gun
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Quake WomanQuantum BeamQuantum Dial
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