Buns RabbotBunyipBurnbot
Burning BlazeBurning Ruin ZoneBurrobot
Burrobot/Pre-SGWBush FemurBuzzbomber
Buzzbomber/Pre-SGWBygone IslandBzzzz
Bzzzz QueenC.L.I.P. DivisionCD-ROM Ram
Cacophonic ConchCancerCanus the Wolf
CapcomCaptain AndrewsCaptain Bemoth
Captain MetalCaptain Metal's SubmarineCaptain Oe
Captain Seamus "Red Eye" MacguffinCaptain Shellbreaker OtterCaptain Striker the Mantis Shrimp
Captain Super Fox-Man the Mutant Cyborg CloneCaptain WestwoodCaptain Whisker
Captain Whisker's ShipCaptain Whisker/Pre-SGWCar-Heem
Card PasserCarl CondorCarnival Night Zone
Carrotia the RabbitCascade Temple ZoneCasino Night Zone
Casino Night Zone/Pre-SGWCasino ParkCasinopolis
Casinopolis/Pre-SGWCassia the PronghornCastle Acorn
Castle Acorn/Pre-SGWCastle Acorn (Moebius)Castle Mobius
CaterkillerCaterkiller/Pre-SGWCaterkiller (Another Time, Another Place)
CatweazleCavem CanusCemerant-16
Ceneca-10050Ceneca-9009Central City
Central SeaChalet AlbionChao
Chao (Sonic X)Chao ColaChao Garden
Chao Garden/Pre-SGWChaosChaos/Pre-SGW
Chaos (Sonic X)Chaos (disambiguation)Chaos Cannon
Chaos ControlChaos DevilChaos Drive
Chaos EmeraldChaos Emerald/Pre-SGWChaos Emerald Championship
Chaos Emeralds (Another Time, Another Place)Chaos Emeralds (Dark Mobius)Chaos Emeralds (Sonic X)
Chaos Emeralds (disambiguation)Chaos EnergyChaos Force
Chaos KnucklesChaos Knuckles (Dark Mobius)Chaos Knuckles (Light Mobius)
Chaos ShadowChaos Siphon SuitChaos Syphon
Chaos TitansChaotic Inferno ZoneChaotix
Chaotix (Another Time, Another Place)Chaotix (Light Mobius)Chaotix (dismbiguation)
Chaotix Detective AgencyCharlemagneCharles Hedgehog (Discovery Zone)
Charles Hedgehog (disambiguation)Charmy (Giant Robotno)Charmy (disambiguation)
Charmy BeeCharmy Bee/Pre-SGWCharmy Bee (Another Time, Another Place)
Charmy Bee (Light Mobius)Charmy Bee (Sonic X)Charmy Man
CheddermundCheese (Another Time, Another Place)Cheese (Sonic X)
Cheese (disambiguation)Cheese the ChaoCheese the Chao/Pre-SGW
Chemical Plant ZoneChemical Plant Zone/Pre-SGWChibi Rose
Chili DogChipChocola
Chocola/Pre-SGWChosen OneChris Allan
Chris ThorndykeChristmasChristopheles
Chronos ControlChuck's Chili DogsChuck-Zilla
Chuck ThorndykeChun-LiChun-Nan
Cinder the PheasantCitadel of DarknessCitizen Council
Civil Protection RobotsClan WarsClayton
Clove the PronghornCluckCobar
Cocoa CatCocoa IslandCocoa Island/Pre-SGW
Coconut CrewCoconutsCoconuts/Pre-SGW
Colin KintoborColleen DoranCollision Chaos Zone
Collision Chaos Zone/Pre-SGWColonel (Dingo Regime)Colonel (disambiguation)
CombotComedy ChimpComic Book Bots
Coming of the Chaos EmeraldsCommand CrownCommons' Hall
Conduit GelConor TomasConquering Storm
ConstableControl CollarCool Edge Zone
CooperCopy RobotCoral the Betta
CorbinCoreCosmic Interstate
Cosmic Reset ButtonCouncil (disambiguation)Council of Acorn
CouncilorCourt of AcornCrabmeat
Cream (disambiguation)Cream the RabbitCream the Rabbit/Pre-SGW
Cream the Rabbit (Another Time, Another Place)Cream the Rabbit (Dark Mobius)Cream the Rabbit (Sonic X)
CregalCreme de la CremeCrocbot
CroctobotCrown of AcornsCrusher the Chao
Crystal-LaCrystal CaveCrystal Desert Zone
CrystalmancyCurrent eventsCut Rate Shipping Company
Cutlass DepardieuCyber-Mechanoid Design FacilityCyberization
Cyborg Freedom FightersCyborg RotorCyborg Sally
Cyborg SonicCyclops RobotCynthia-Wa
Cyril EagleCyzerD'Novuland
D'NovulansDYNAMACDagger Walrus
Damocles the ElderDan DeCarloDan Nakrosis
Dan ParentDan SlottDance Instructor Bot
Danica Patrick
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