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Liu Chi Mei
Liu Chi Mei
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Liu Chi Mei was a Mobian Rabbit who was a resident of Leung Kar and the sister of Liu Fang. She and her brother were the only two villagers that helped Monkey Khan defeat the Yagyu Clan, recovering the items stolen from the Temple of the Golden Lotus while her brother helped Kahn fight the robotic dragon Kamezon. (SSS: #8)

Background Information[]

  • Though her species was never specifically stated in her initial appearance, the fact that she had rather large ears and that Monkey Khan referred to Liu Fang as "Hoppy" can support the assumption that both Fang and his sister are rabbits. This was later confirmed on the Archie Comics website.
  • Liu Chi Mei's name probably comes from a combination of her family name Liu and Chimei, one of the two major agrarian rebellion movements against Wang Mang's Xin Dynasty.