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Li Moon
Biographical information




Physical description


  • Fur: Red
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Violet tunic-like top
  • Violet pants
  • Black armbands
  • Black boots
Political Alignment and Abilities

Free People


Li Moon is a resident of Stormtop Village in the Dragon Kingdom and the granddaughter of Li Yuen.


Meeting Sonic and Tails

On the 100th day of the blazing fire on Mount Stormtop made by the Iron Queen, Sonic and Tails came to her house and asked for water as they had been exposed to the heat of the fire. She said that she could not, as water was being rationed as the village's supply was low, and her grandfather then began to tell Sonic and Tails about the Iron King and Queen. Li Moon was ecstatic when Sonic later returned after successfully putting out the mountain's fire. When Li Yuen said that he wasn't surprised, since he had assistance from the fabled "Monkey King", Li Moon giggled in response to Sonic's joke about needing a new publicist. (StH: #60)


When Sonic, Tails, Sally Acorn, and Monkey Khan returned to the Dragon Kingdom to disrupt the Iron Dominion's forces there, the group celebrated their success with the Gossamer Clan with a meal hosted by Li Moon and her grandfather. Li Moon served tea, saying it was good to see Sonic and Tails again, to which Tails blushed. A member of the Yagyu Clan hurled a kunai from outside the window, shattering the teapot in Li Moon's hands and causing both her and Tails to get soaked; Tails used his namesakes as a fan to help her dry off. After the heroes finished their work in the Dragon Kingdom, Li Moon and her grandfather came to see them off; Li Moon handed Tails a basket of food for the trip. (SU: #13, #16)


Li Moon is a kind, friendly girl who is devoted to her grandfather, Li Yuen. She is also a good friend to Monkey Khan and his allies, notably Tails, who it seems she may have something of a crush on.

Background Information


Li Moon's original design

  • As with some of writer/artist Frank Strom's other character designs, Li Moon's species was somewhat vague in her first appearance; while her grandfather appears to be a lion, her appearance lead fans to speculate she was anything from a tiger to a red panda. In her most recent appearance, her species was finalized as a fox.
  • In many Asian countries, the first name is the family name and the last name is the given name. Given that Li Moon and her grandfather both share the first part of their name, it's possible that Li is actually the family name.
  • Li Moon's name may be based off of Moon Lee, a former Hong Kong actress.


Li Moon is a red fox with long black hair. Initially, she had pointed ears and a rounded tail with faint stripes; later on, her tail became fluffy to make her species more apparent. Her red-and-cream fur combination is similar to that of Fiona Fox. She has straight-cut bangs and wears her hair in a low, loose ponytail. In her first appearance her eyes were brown; later they became violet. She wears a simple pien-fu-like outfit consisting of a violet tunic-like top with white trim and matching pants. She also wears black boots and armbands around her wrists.

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