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You may be looking for Leung Kar, or Kar Leung.

Leung West during the Great War

Leung West was a small Mobian settlement on Northamer located in the outer reaches of the Kingdom of Acorn and was home to a group of immigrant settlers from Leung Kar, including Lau Khan and his son Ken Khan. During the Great War, the inhabitants declared neutrality, feeling that conflicts should be solved through communication and reason. As a result, the village's entire populace was captured effortlessly by the scientist Julian Kintobor, who used them as live test subjects in his efforts to create an army of cyborgs. All of the test subjects died except for Ken Khan, who became the first and only of Julian's cyborgs. (StH: #86)

  • Ian Flynn stated that "Leung West was a immigrant colony of artists, philosophers, and generally non-violent people." (1)
  • The name Leung might come from the name of the famous Hong Kong martial arts filmmaker, choreographer, and actor Lau Kar-leung.